A new Profile Pic for me. [COMPETITION]

Hello IFC,
This is a new Competition for my new profile pic.

Here are the rules:

Must Include Everything I say
Must be icon size
You can use any software or you can draw.

Must include:

Any Croatian Airlines Aircraft
The OneWorld Logo.
Good Luck,

PM me on 2019-06-27T14:00:00Z with the Profile pic!

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In here, users can make profiles for you. Some of them are indeed talented graphic designers. They’re always up to help 👍🏻

I know but it’s cooler with a comp. :)

Can’t you just put the competition inside the topic @Nate_Schneller provided for you?

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Ok I will @Claudio

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I would love to participate in this competition mate.

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Ok it will be on the Thread of custom profile pics ;)

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Okay I will start soon.

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