A new point of view

Hello ppl,

If you saw my previous spotting topic you’ll know I found this new spot right next to 22L which gives great angles for departures.



An AeroMexico 737 heading to Guadalajara

This is a quickly dying livery

r o t a t e

New pfp

I really like the rotation shots

A pencil with a fresh coat of paint

Another A220 heading to LaGarbage

A recently retrofitted Southwest 737 headed to PHX as night falls

And finally, a nice panning shot with the last few rays of sunlight for the day

That’s all folks!


Makes sense that the trash plane would fly to the trash airport.


Luckily you’ll find that the A220 is only a little bit of trash compared to some other models who truly call that airport/garbage bin home… E


I love the first shot!

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