A new plane

Hello everyone, i have more screenshots :)

you’ll find that the majority of these photos are of the neo, and were all taken from sessions as Dulles local control. enjoy!


Route: N/A
Server: Expert
Flight Time: N/A

first up is an ANZ All Blacks 77W (at Dulles for some reason), watching an Azul Rosa A339 takeoff. Both of the liveries that are used more than the regular livery.

the same Rosa neo blasting out of dulles with a moon

An A339 in the house colors stowing the gear

The same aircraft on the approach

a Hi-Fly neo at the cargo gates

and here we have a delta neo after pushing back from the United terminal

i absolutely adore the Air Belgium A339, just a spectacular livery

the same a339 with a Korean 77W

here we have two portuguese speaking airlines, and the standard IF tower

and the last photo of the day is a UA Evo Blue 77W with the (not) Dulles tower

that’s all for today, let me know what you think, or that you agree that @rtg113 needs a girlfriend! thanks for viewing :)

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Lol a delta airlines neo at the united terminal


yep, sadly

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Great photos! Loved all of them! I would only notice that Azul is a brazilian airline, not a portuguese one! :)


This is why I hate special liveries. Everyone says that the least flown liveries are the Libyan Airlines, CEIBA etc. but in reality, they are the Air NZ 77W, KLM 77W, Azul A330neo. You get the point.

Nice shots

ahhhhhh yeah i know :(

i meant to say 2 airlines from countries which speak portuguese

precisely. thanks!

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You’re not welcome 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😡😡😡😡😕😕😫😫😫😂😂😂😂

Oh, got it hahaha!

how dare you

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These are all awesome! Love the delta pushing back at United’s terminal 😂

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No wonder why your controlling is so bad, taking pictures while you should be controlling


Love that Air Portugal shot. Nice work all around. Fantastic shots!

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nah, my approach controller was being super annoying in vc, and was distracting me. they should be kicked from IFATC tbh

thanks! i appreciate it :)


are ATC supposed to be nice 😶

Nice photos!

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Nice photos!

Did they model the standard IF tower after Peachtree-Dekalb’s tower cause they are basically identical.



definetly looks like it