A new plane coming to the market? The CR929


This is essentially the 787 and the A350 combined into one plane.

Cmon China stop copying people!


It looks cool. It however looks like a copy of the 787 dream liner and the A350.


That looks exactly like the A350. But it looks like a cool plane. I wonder which airlines will use this aircraft.


That’ll definitely be something interesting to see.


I didn’t know chinese knock-offs were going this far!

Looks cool, but kind of combines an a350 with a 787.


Chinese airlines for sure.


It looks like one of those 787’s in those really bad flight “simulators” 😂


I like it when there’s competition on the market. For me this aircraft is too much of a copy though…


Little late to the party China. Also, is it me or are those wings really ugly?


I’m pretty sure Chinese just stole another invention as they successfully did in the past


Very interesting seeing similarities to the 787 considering recently China was found guilty of hacking and electronicay stealing a lot of classified data from Boeing.


I think I know why they stole that data from Boeing, come on China, first the c919, which appears to be essentially an A320, and now the c929, essentially a B787


This is not just a new concept, it’s just a clone of the 787 and A350!


What this is, is a 787 with the 350 cockpit. Although I am Chinese, I never liked Comac. the ARJ21 is just a DC9 with winglets and better engines, the C919 is a A320 that looks like a 787, and this is just a piece of s**t.


It’s definitely interesting to notice the similarities of the CR929 to other aircraft in the market right now! Though the main thing to look out for is how it performs in comparison to the other aircraft in the market.


I see copyright issues with this one. Anyway, so this is what an average wide body would look like if Airbus and Boeing decided to merge🤔


Look like a very high tech plane!We always say we want to fly a certain aircraft when we become adults, but with these new babies coming we might change our mind.


I bet it’ll be like the Concorde Tu-144 situation. Russia (and China in this case) are making a 100% knockoff but it’s worse.


So… another Chinese clone?


Agree about the ARJ21