A New Perspective | Munich, March 5, 2020

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Due to popular demand (by @Ondrejj) here’s another spotting topic…and looking at the current developments it might be the last one for some time due to the lack of traffic. But at least Easter is safe since the main character already arrived at the airport 😉 after I kinda scared him away I was quite happy he made it away from the highway and onto the airport area 👀

This time, I was trying a different spot that was new to me since a friend of mine was about to depart via the northern runway while being seated on A so I thought that was a good place to spot each other (and that actually worked). Her Condor 767 taxied right past me after crossing the bridge leading across the highway.

Coming from Terminal 2, Lufthansa‘s A340-600 didn’t cross the bridge next to me but still came very close on one of its last departures to the US.

Even though it’s a long haul plane. Eurowings‘ A330 arrived on a short hop from Frankfurt (obviously on a ferry flight). Since the weather was quite dull I decided to take a few panning shots to make the result a bit more interesting.

While I’ve seen quite a few new A320s by Aer Lingus at London Heathrow, this one was my first one in Munich. I definitely should take more pics on the northern runway 🤔

Another new livery was coming from Terminal 1 again (even though United actually operates from Terminal 2). Another premiere for me since I haven’t spotted the new United livery so far

The right crop can even make a small Embraer look big - the 700th E-Jet making its way to the gate after arriving from London City Airport.

Followed by another E-Jet from the other end of Europe:

My Equipment:

Canon EOS 80D
Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM (99% of pics)
Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS (for the 1% of the cases where I need a wide angle lens)

You can follow me on twitter and Instagram to get more shots on a daily basis. Also, keep your eyes open on Flightradar24 where you might see some of my recent shots.



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TL;DR service for @dush19: Actually, I can’t be bothered to continue this any longer but: Planes, Planes, Planes.
@MrMrMan: Look, something new to quote again! You’ll end up in a burnout very soon I fear…
@Marc you’re welcome 😉
@Nathan time to visit this place again


Looking as good as always!

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Lol this is the third time I’ve seen this pic

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So you follow me on twitter/Instagram and Condor on twitter? 😂

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I follow you on instagram and the person you spotted on the plane

I don’t use twitter too much lol


Oh, ok that makes sense 😂


I love the first picture 😍


I was so relieved he wasn’t ran over by a car after he started to run away from me upon my arrival 😰

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At least you are popular! 😊

Thanks and fantastic pictures!

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Well, as always, awesome pictures! Very cool to spot your friend!

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He’s playing IF
Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 3.40.40 PM



Loving that motion blur and landing!


Everything is amazing as normal! 😆

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Well, not bad ;)

No, honestly, really nice pictures as always!
I especially like the LH A340-600, but they’re all looking really good (and the first on is a really nice add-on!).
Thanks for sharing!

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excuse me what

Are they retiring them or is it just because of Trump banning Europe travel?

When IFATC finally gives you clearance to land and you have to grace that landing…

Cool pics. That first pic or the plane is amazing I really like bunny airlines.


Maybe the phrasing was a bit inaccurate, „just“ referring to the current ban here

In case anyone ever wondered how I look „at work“ - here you go:

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Despite the weather not being the best you still gave us some awesome shots.

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