A New Perspective - Heathrow Spotting 23/7/2022 Pt.2

Spotting @ EGLL 23/07/22, RWY 09L

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In continuation of A New Perspective - Heathrow Spotting 23/7/2022 Pt.1. This is the heavy segment. The heavy fears no man.

N722AN, Boeing 777-323(ER), American Airlines

G-XWBG, Airbus A350-1041, British Airways

JY-BAA, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Royal Jordanian (Was raining heavily when this picture was taken, hence the extra noise)

9V-SNA, Boeing 777-312(ER), Singapore Airlines

G-VWAG, Airbus A330-343, Virgin Atlantic

G-XLEK, Airbus A380-841, British Airways

A6-EOF, Airbus A380-861, Emirates

4R-ALN, Airbus A330-343, SriLankan Airlines

9M-MAG, Airbus A350-941, Malaysia Airlines

TC-JNM, Airbus A330-343, Turkish Airlines

Gear Used:

Canon EOS 90D
Canon EF L 70-200mm IS USM F4
Canon EF L 24-105mm IS USM F4
EF Extender 1.4x III

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Am I stupid for not knowing that Singapore airlines operates 777s? I swear that this is the first time I’ve seen one


I mean, they fly it to a host of big European cities but not Amsterdam.


Might as well start exploring IF a little more:


Great shots! That first one is my favorite 👍

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Love catching the American arrivals, it adds some nice variety

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They are about to be retired though… replaced by the -9s. The -200 was already replaced by the A350. The -300ERs are the oldest in SIA’s fleet.


Which is incredible when this particular aircraft is only 8 years old

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That’s actually the 3rd youngest one on their fleet. The bulk of the fleet is 15-17 years old.

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Wow 🤩. I really like this livery. It would look great on an A350, actually. Nice shots.

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It’s always been a really nice livery, I think it would fit pretty well on any aircraft. Simple, but effective

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These are so crisp 🥹

32.5MP sensor + 200mm lens = crispier than crisps 😍


There’s been a total of 89 B777 in their fleet, past and present. By airframes, they are the third largest operator of the type, only behind Emirates and United. Their B777 typically operate high demand long haul routes to Europe and North America, and high demand, high premium cabin traffic within Asia and Oceania.


Clean shots as always, stick to WRC legends, I’d love to see more of those.

Nice pictures!!

They used to supplement the 747 fleet a few years back.

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