A New Model!

1:200 KLM SkyTeam Boeing 77W


Any pictures of the actual model? ;)

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My mom just picked me up from school and it was on my seat. Won’t have full pics till later, on my way to the Dentist.



1:250 KLM 744
1:200 KLM SkyTeam 77W
1:100 KLM Cityhopper E190


Awesome! I love the ERJ - one of my favourite aircraft. Just a quick question, why didn’t you get them all the same scale? I collect mine in 1:400. :)

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My dad gets them from EHAM when he flies through after Nationals in Europe. He said he just gets what looks better ;)


Ah, makes sense. Any chance you could share a link to the ERJ? I love it!

Nice collection btw, planning to add more? :)

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Not sure about a “direct” link, but go to www.ppcholland.nl

Btw, here’s my entire collection, just organized it ;)



Nice, thanks for sharing!

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Is also in my fleet :)

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That is so beautiful!

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That poor little 1/500 model

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Really like the Qatar models !

Haha, I actually didn’t notice it!

Where did u buy them ? I want some models

Imagine they day when an embraer is bigger than the 747,LOL

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He said he gets them from Amsterdam.

Ok,but is there a web site i can go to,so i can buy the models

Yes. Here http://www.ppcholland.nl/

Yeah, there’re 2. The Malev 738 and the Cathay 77W.

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