A new legacy, A new pencil

P E N C I L ✏️

The awesome works of the developers brought a brand new aircraft, more detailed then anything I’ve seen. Here I’ll share with you some screenshots I took over the open beta!

Firstly, if you do not have the 20.3 update, please view here for more information :)


My first ever flight, and my 2nd most scenic being Atlanta to St. Thomas!

Morning Rotatè outta Atlanta 🛫

The crystal blue waters of the Bahamas 🇧🇸

Known as the “Second St. Maartin,” TUI operated 757’s out of Skiathos seasonally!

Opened Window for Takeoff as the Pilot Waves to Spotters! 👋

A high climb rate, a high moon 🚀

One of my favorites was done with @Andy and @ZinZowe as we take over the mile high city to the NASA capital! 🏔

The Old and the New ✨

Snowy United Vibes as we exit the de-ice ramp ❄️

Icelandair takes flight! An awesome 8 hour journey from Keflavik to Portland! Be sure to join my BIKF event here!

Lined up before that beautiful roar 💛💙

Cruising over the Canadian Rockies at FL400 🏔

A fun Air Astana flight from Nur-Sultan to Almaty with @ZinZowe escorting!

Crystal Blue Waters of Lake Balkash!

There won’t be a quiz anytime around but be sure to vote your favorite 757 livery below 😊

What’s your favorite livery shown?
  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Icelandair
  • TUI
  • Air Astana

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Pencil!!! Air Astana!!!


So after reading the article (even though I have the beta), IOS and Android updates will roll out tomorrow?

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Seems like it will come very soon! We’ll have to wait and see!

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I find this very ironic


I just noticed that 😂 I was referring to the paintjob / aircraft versus the 77W United paintjob

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Stunning photos!


they should add the real pencil the 757-300
the 757-200 can be called the pen


Ah what a perfect rework for the pencil plane


👁 🍭 right here. Nailed it!

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Very nice pics!

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Delta Air Lines

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Iceland air is the best !

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Iceland air photos just stunning

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