A New JetBlue A320 - Community Vote

I understand 😁👍

I understand how the easyJet lovers feel too. Trust me. I understand your frustration here and I too think it is wrong to not have a that new livery, however this again is a poll on whether you want JetBlue livery one, or JetBlue livery two. Nothing else to see here.


Yeah , this is an JetBlue thread so im not too sure why other liveries are even repeated about in the first place.

That’s not necessarily true. easyJet have many different livery’s but with the same base paint job.

You have:
20 year special
Liveries with place names in the livery (eg Berlin, Austria, Venezia etc)
easJet Holidays

To get back on topic Jet Blue have many different liveries but they just seem to be similar of a lot different and by all means they are nice.


Precisely my point. 🙂 Let’s get back to the jetBlue livery. Which do you prefer, and why?

I prefer Spotlight {Shantay} because to me it has a PERFECT orange shade, and it gives me modern vibes when i look at it

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The Shantay livery is very nice with that orange , although the other livery isnt so bad .

You said to me last night stop brining easyJet up each time and it’s clear you decided to do the same today! ☺️ But anyway shantay for the win!


Agreed, though Highrise is more prevalent in jetBlue’s fleet, we need that little splash of color, eh?

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Yea, agreed.

I think they should have added the inspiring humanity livery.

Both liveries were actually poor choices. I live near jetBlue’s main base and I’ve seen very little hi rise and Shantay compared to their other tails.

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Look at the JetBlue livery’s bud, basically the same apart from the tail…


I mean most airline have the same livery, at least JetBlue has different designs and they all mean something.

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Well no. 8 votes to 134 cant justify that in anyway. That’s why we were disappointed. But any new livery is progress in some way i guess so we are all grateful either way what livery is being added as its progress. Some people just get the feeling of being isolated considering there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes regarding liveries that is kept private until really near release. I think people just want IF to be a bit more open with us.

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Im also curious if there will be a beta and a cabin and windows and stuff like the 752. Cause if so that will be interesting

no there wont be. Its just a livery

But it’s different tails. That’s what makes JetBlue so diverse

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I understand, and I know how you feel. EasyJet could 100 percent use a new livery but let’s enjoy the new JetBlue as well. 😁


I guess, but it would be nice to have a cabin and windows. But at the same time that itself would trigger a a320 rework 🤷‍♂️ so i guess youre right