A New JetBlue A320 - Community Vote

Damn. Just about half the amount of votes that were cast on the poll for 21.1 have been cast here when this has been open for about 12 hours. Let see just how many people vote in the next 12.

Yes I know I did not show what I voted for. I did that for a reason. That reason is so I don’t get any PMs asking me why I voted for a certain thing and not the other.

I hope that this thread stays active and we get a JetBlue livery added. 😂

Have a great day/night everyone.

Ooooh you have a PM I wonder who it’s from 😏

I love every addition that this sim adds. Cause I always know it will be great no matter what.


You don’t want to know who it’s from. 😂

I have to agree. Infinite Flight is so much better than other sims. The devs take their time to develop aircraft so they look, sound, and maneuver like the real version. Every aspect of this sim makes me feel exactly like I did when I bought it 2 years ago.

This seems unnecessary,
Someone please convince me on why it isn’t?


Are you well in the head???


Putting everyone’s thoughts into words Igor


Just to add to @Igor_M

This post has been ignorance central, none of the highly active members here have respected anyone’s opinion and instead just slated everyone who doesn’t 100% agree. You all need to go away and learn how you can respect someone else’s opinion because it is always the same people all of the time.

To reiterate no one is complaining that we are getting to vote on a livery everyone thinks this is great, you all need to understand this because coming out all guns blazing will do nothing.

A lot of you need to research your information before you post it, the inaccuracy I have seen here from all these experts is unreal.


I literally could not sleep for the night cause I was thinking of this

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Honestly I’ve seen the complete opposite! I spend both a fair share of my time flying in Europe and the US and from what it seems, easyJet is almost more if not even more popular than B6. Would love to see them both get added though 😊


The A321ceo has its own separate livery from the rest of the fleet which is already in IF


I personally think that we could be seeing a bit more than just the JetBlue livery. I remember they did a little thing like this back in June of 2018, where they added 5 new A320 liveries.

This could definetly be something that I see happening again. The only reason why they’re holding a poll for a new jetBlue livery could be because it’s the only airline with variation in their liveries. So to you easyJet (spelled it right this time) fans, I wouldn’t jump the gun. easyJet only has one livery that would be a possibility to be added (the new livery), so we could still see this coming. 🙂


Air Corsica too


easyJet also has their fair share of livery variations (ie. easyJet UK, easyJet Europe, Swiss etc…)


Can I speculate what five or no?

Yes, but the most voted (and seems to be the most highly requested by the community) seems to be the new livery. Not saying it’s coming, but if there were to be an easyJet added, it would probably be the newer one since the poeple want it most.

I believe he is referring to the registration of the aircraft (G- / OE- / HB-)


Yeah perfectly fine actually.

Well maybe get an eye test and then you’ll be able to see plenty of easyJets


Ok I’ll stop but I’m just trying to get a point out that JetBlue needs a new livery way more than the EasyJet A320 currently, and the people whining about it was making upset. I apologize if I acted out, EasyJet is a great airline to fly in this sim and I agree like anyone else should that EasyJet could use a new livery as well. Once again I’m not here to make anyone upset or angry. It makes me sad and upset to see the few people attacking me for just a small thing I said. I apologize to whoever I may have offended or made angry. 👍


Both jetBlue and easyJet require about the same attention in the game 🙂