A New JetBlue A320 - Community Vote

I’m not sure what it seems like from your point of view, but in my eyes the diversity thing was great. We got to see many underrepresented airlines get a platform in a livery on the 757, whilst still keeping the most popular liveries. I know I liked it, and many others did.

It doesn’t make sense in my opinion to redo just the JetBlue livery, and nothing else. I’m not going to continue this discussion in this thread, message me if you’d like to continue.


Think everyone complaining here forgot a key concept:

Infinite Flight and the entire staff team are community focused, not community led.

So enough with the complaints on which country and which livery isn’t represented. Focus on the fun vote opportunity and realize you specifically are not in charge of decisions related to features in the sim.


The vote end in 18h

Is there any chance of getting winglets on the new JetBlue a320 along with the livery? Thanks, supper excited!

No vote. Maybe you can flag this too

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Booooo lol 😂

😂 #teamshantay


Uhh, I think you got yourself flagged for saying a censored word lol. As for American, we have 3 updated special schemes for the 737-800 so why not a newly updated from an outdated JetBlue livery?


There will be time to discuss that but not now and not on this topic.

But I agree with you

It would be better if we could get both liveries for the A320 instead of replacing the older one.

Let’s go Team High Rise!! Glad you guys like my pfp I created!😉💙💚


So me being a non pro user, could you add this to the Airbus A321 also?

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Nice new livery’s can’t wait to stream it first when is comes out 😂

This livery is currently for the A320 only

both are very beautiful liveries. Whichever one loses hopefully may make it into the game at some point!

Oh god…the Australians are waking up hahahaha

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One word no. #TeamHighRiseForLife 💚💙😂

Let’s go @aviation.ny #TeamHighRiseForLife 💚💙

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Jet blue fans right now:

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