A New JetBlue A320 - Community Vote

I mean there were many many users complaining over lack of diversity in liveries. Then the devs reworked the B757 and made so many new liveries from around the world that i have never heard of. Once it was released there were a good handful of users that hated them becuase it was diverse in this region of the world, but not in this region.

Ultimatly it comes down to this…The devs decide and what they decide is finial. You guys can vote or do what ever you want to support a feature but ultimatly the devs decide and somepeople need to understant that. Infinite Flight isnt a Democracy where if you dont like a livery you can sue to get a different one or it taken down, its a mobile simulator that was made for avgeeks.


Dang, this has gone down hill since I voted.

it’s just a livery, take a breather and realize in the grand scheme of things, it literally couldn’t matter any less 🤷‍♂️


If you wanted a KFC you wouldn’t go to McDonalds, it’s the same principle here.

We all love Infinite Flight, we all love that it’s influenced by the community but all anyone is asking for is diversity like the majority of the community has been since i’ve been part of it which is coming up to 4 years.

I’m not gonna go to X-Plane and ask for a livery there, I use IF not X-Plane so I find it funny that it’s been compared to McDonalds smh


Ya see I wish that’s how it was but I’m guessing people mistake the word community vote for community argument against the vote.

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Why does everything have to have negativity? The team was kind enough to let us choose which of the two liveries we want. Sure it is an American carrier but we are missing the fact that they can always add more liveries that aren’t an American carrier in the future. No one is forcing you to vote and I think you all already got your point out and everyone hears you. The IF team chose this livery because it aligns with what they want to do with their company and you can’t change what they do with their company. Take a step back and breathe. It’s not the end of the world. Think positively of where you can take this livery.



Its a community vote not a community argument, maybe they need to make that clear in the post next time XD

Personally I don’t care for JetBlue, but I am not arguing they should add the Canadi>n A320 or something, I voted and moved on 🤷‍♂️


At the end of the day, if people didn’t mini-mod all the time there wouldn’t be an argument but the fact of people thinking they have so much authority causes the arguments.

Let people have their opinions and leave them to it because you all have yours. If you want to progress within the IFC don’t be a person who takes opinions away from people!

p.s it’s spelt easyJet


If this doesn’t summarize this thread, I really don’t know what does…


**easyJet , it’s like saying JetBlie 😘😉


Quite literally the same thing, it’s a capital letter.

Isn’t that a good thing? More people flying less generic routes?


Not surprised the way this went. Unfortunately there are too many people who don’t have the maturity to have a civil discussion. This place shouldn’t have people acting like 6 year olds demanding or arguing for what they want. Relax, be happy that the team has agreed to introduce another JBU livery.


What one we voting for. I don’t.know what to choose

Choose the first one. :)

Kidding. Choose whichever you think looks better.

Yea i never said it was a bad thing. That tied into the next sentence saying that people didnt like the livery because it wasant this one or that one. I never said it was a bad thing lol

I would read the whole thing before questioning weather i put in context that it was a good or bad thing

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Thank you and well said. You deserve a badge call certified

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My bad… 🙄

Stelios styled it with the lower case e, it looks less aggressive and more cute


I know, my bad. Kinda shows my point tho haha.

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I’m only joking, that’s the difference some people are way too serious 😂