A New JetBlue A320 - Community Vote

Yea, JBU flies here to Barbados once a while…they are are guilty of giving us covid cases too

Liveries take up resources to host each one.

I’d recommend reading Phillipe’s comment

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I don’t think the 5 minutes thing works…

Yes. Misha, just replace every A320 livery in IF with a JetBlue Livery. Who cares about every other airline 😂

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We are only getting either Devil with a Blue Dress On or Shantay, Blue Stay. Not Blueprint. Feel free to vote for the Blueprint livery in the topic linked below.

And also this is for the A320. Not the E190.

Well I agree with the majority flying American carriers…for Non pro users like me that’s quite true 4/6 non pro regions are American…So NICE reply!!

I am not implying anything, simply saying to you that people fly routes they like, regardless whether there is a livery, or if it is new/outdated. I actually probably use the generic livery more than any other, because most of the places I enjoy flying to do not even have a livery to represent that region, which is my personal choice.

Of course the new jetBlue livery will increase the number of people flying jetBlue, which is great. However I think it is unfair to assume that people don’t fly the current livery because it is outdated.


It’s awesome that there is a vote and what ever livery wins that will be amazing because it will be added to the game thanks devs!

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That would be very inpressive if they could add the entire JetBlue liveries to the simulator

Personally I like Skyrise but both (as all JetBlue liveries are) awesome!

Unfortunately thats the thruth.

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How bout the vets in blue or FDNY 👍🏻🤔

I really hope they add the JetBlue Embraer 190 (Blueprint Livery) soon because I think it is a beautiful livery.

Not an assumption, its a fact. Look at where the majority of people are flying, and then look at where the people aren’t. It’s clear that the majority of people favor flying in America (which not all people enjoy). Though the amount of people flying JetBlue being increased, which is good in the eyes of some, there undoubtedly will be some people that disagree and feel neglected.

And I do feel sympathy for these people. It can feel a bit unfair when an area of the world that you are from is being pushed aside. But when it comes down to the majority, Infinite Flight seems to favor America. It’s the way that it is, and I’m afraid not much can be done about it. The pilots that enjoy flying in the United States would obviously enjoy seeing an updated livery, which is what we’re getting.

I understand that the feelings of some of those EasyJet and other airlines may feel neglected. But there is always going to be that when one group or livery is chosen over the other. People always believe that what they want is most importand (not targeting anyone here). But it is what it is, and we have to deal with it. It’s really simple; if one feels represented by an airline, then they will want the most updated livery. Not much to it.


Same with easyJet on the A320, that livery is 25 years old now I think that’s classed as ‘outdated’ but we get another JetBlue (which is great) but we all want to see some diversity.


@JetBlue536 ya know had to make that quick profile pic change 😏

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So Im wondering if they can add those 100 year special: avianca, JetBlue, etc.

Also liveries for non-known Airlines like Aerolineas (well we have LAPA As well)



This isn’t the first time people feel ignored by the dev team… (ie Aegean A320)


The Shantay takes my vote. Thanks to IF for giving us this opportunity!