A New Infinite Flight Timelapse! Boston to Atlanta

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Thanks for taking this time to watch this short timelapse. Today this flight will take you from “The City on a Hill”, or Boston down south to Atlanta, Georgia. The aircraft used is a Delta A321-200. We start off parked at gate A16 in Boston and arrive later that day into gate 13 at the T terminal in Atlanta. Our departure time out of Boston is just about 4:10 in the afternoon (local) and we land at about 6:50 in the evening (local) in Atlanta. The total flight time for our flight is about 2:30 hours (to be exact, 2:36 hours).

This flight, like almost all of my flights, is a real life route. The flight number is DL1577. It’s supposed to takeoff at 3:45 in the afternoon and landing a little earlier than 6:30 PM. The scheduled flight time is 2:42 hrs according to flightaware.

I would like to apologize for some of the jittery video. The new update has made device performance go a bit down…


Click on the picture to be taken to the video…

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Thanks for Watching. I hope you enjoyed. If you liked the video or have feedback, I would love to see a comment down below!!


Nice video thanks for sharing it!

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Thanks for watching! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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Two words:


Seriously though that was awesome. Great work!

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Nice video.

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@anon38496261 Thank you so much!! I’m very happy you enjoyed.

@Udeme_Ekpo Thanks. Have a great day!

If any one has any ideas for future videos let me know.



Anchorage! Anchorage! Anchorage! Anchorage!


Icelandair has an interesting PANC to BIRK route…

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yeah there you go 👍

As long as it’s realism at ma home airport, that’s perfect 👌

Gate numbers and everything.

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Awesome video! Music flowed with the scene & many videos don’t tell the SID & STAR departures, so it was really cool to see the BRUWN5 departure!

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Thanks!! I always make sure to time the music with the video. I will put the SIDs and STARs in future videos when I can!

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