A New Idea - A New Group

As many of you captains probably know, Infinite Flight gets many many MANY requests every day. Not to mention how many of those requests are aircraft related. This is a year old idea that I found and wanted to bring back up. What if Infinite Flight created an aircraft/livery creation group, or something like that. Then, specific users who have been approved can make aircraft for Infinite flight without the devs having to worry too much about them. Yes, this seems like a stupid idea, but once we could have this “group” we could request aircraft and get them in half the time! It could take a while- but I believe it would definitely be worth it in the end.

So what are your thoughts? Place them in the comments below (and please don’t hate on this idea too much lol)


Is this a feature request?

No, its just an idea :)

Kind of like the Airport Editing Team?


I would like a custom livery option and you could probably download, sorta for VAs then we don’t have to cause chaos about the liveries.

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The configuration behind the liveries is very deep, firstly they need to extract certain things from blender. The problem is they won’t share those files to the public as it could cause some damage or copyright.

Going into livery creation… without the files from blender your stuffed, you don’t have anything to create the livery on.

Maybe in the future this could become a reality.


It’s a good idea, but it require a lot of specifications, as softwares, formats etc…

I do agree I would love to join the team. The only problem is that members would only choose liverys that they want not what others want

Maybe a VA leader could pay to have their livery on IF.

That actually already exists. There’s a small group of people that create liveries outside and inside the aircraft, which refers to cockpit. They work for FDS, as paid employees. Because of the very small details, software, they way they make and send it to the devs, and so many other crucial things make it almost impossible to be able to do anything more then requesting. It would be easy as picking up a paint brush or a drag and drop. It has to work in 360° on 3 different axises. I just don’t see this being a practical thing.


This is a good idea. I notice good feature requests for game play seem to get lost in many livery or aircraft request. Two separate categories would be good.

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