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Hello Everyone! As the Holidays near, I am in the market for a brand new device to run Infinite Flight. I have been using my iPhone 7 for about a year now, and yes, it works great, but this device is my main form of communication. As many of you know, Infinite Flight can use tons of valuable time. With all these flights I do, I often miss a text message or a Snapchat, or anything that is very important. I have read over the Device Compatibility Thread- Built By Us For You numerous times and I just cannot pick which device I would like. I have narrowed it down to a iPad but unsure on what generation or event type I would like to purchase. Could I have some help picking the perfect iPad for Infinite Flight? If you do use an iPad, could you tell me what type it is and what is your experience with it?



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I use the newest iPad at the moment. (It works very well) anyways, personally I would recommend the newer one as refurbished and used iPads aren’t usually the best. You can Luckily get one for around 350 usd and cyber Monday should lessen the price somewhat


If you are just using the iPad for Infinite Flight, I suggest the one down below. It’s affordable and perfect for running IF. Also, Apple is giving out gift cards for their shopping event which is a another plus. If you use your iPad a lot and don’t mind spending extra, I highly recommend the new iPad Pro 11” or even the 10.5” Pro. Personally, I love my new Pro and does everything I need it to do flawlessly. Let me know if you any questions!

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Shopping event looks like it can make the price a little nicer with 20 usd off and a 50 usd gift card

Now I am really considering the iPad 9.7’’ or 10.5’’ It is brand new, cheap, and should work perfect with Infinite Flight. How do I earn the gift card though? And does anyone have experience with this particular iPad version so I can get a better idea what to expect? Thank you both for the help so far!

@Plane-Train-TV about the gift card, when you go to checkout and pay it should add the funds to you Apple account

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