A New Dawn

Wauw I can’t wait of the taxi light will added!

I sure hope it come soon. I think taxi way lights are very important for the sim

@Deltapilot and @Snelweg_A15 us members of the IFAE have already been adding them to our edits but as Philippe has said, they are not active yet in Infinite Flight :)

Here’s an example :)



To whom it may concern…global flight in IF…is a reality now…l have the proof…can not confirm interstellar flight at this time…as to when it will be unveiled publicly from the Ivory Towers on Mt. Olympus…that remains to be seen…however I will only reveal my evidence under two conditions…namely…when the secret space program has been declassified…and our current POTUS admits that he was formerly a time traveler on Mars…

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Any reason why you’re using so many ellipses?

Those are airport lights.


I’m replying to @Recxx

I hope it comes ASAP bcoz the airport editors already added taxiway lights all the devs have to do is to add them in IF I hope they Will add it the next update:)

Easier said than done.

I don’t know much about programmering(I am learning) but it is almost always easier said then done with proframming

he has no chill

“All the dev have to do” … brb, pushing the “make a flight simulator” button on my computer ;)


If there was a button like that hahah that would be Nice
But you only need your keyboard and your computer 😉 Hahaha No that was a joke

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Don’t you have such a button? Even I do have that button!

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Again I repeat over and over maybe a dev could answer this since i am ever wondering if it’s possible to add some sort of reflection like the one of the strobes or the backlight only much brighter in front of the front landing light only that it should be shaped like a beam and much wider :-?

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I know how you feel, I’m only on my second edit lol

What if this was meant to be actually true but Matt posted it on April Fools say so that most wont believe. 🤔🤔

(This is due to recent developments from Instagram of Matt)


He is playing with us… :p

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No wonder Matt isn’t replying 😏

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