A New Dawn, Continued

well you need to pay for dif areas now. if they do this will it cost money to get it? or will it just be a free update? and the people how did buy dif areas will just have the same thing as every one esle?

like will the update be free?

Do you mean by Region or Global Flight?

will the Global Flight update be free??

No one knows for sure, but stay tuned!

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There hasn’t been full evidence yet that you will have to pay, but keep in touch with the sources (especially Instagram, where most of the need, pics, etc. are posted)

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I am pretty 1000% sure that global flight will NOT be available in the next IF update.
This is a lot of work, and a complex project that need a lot of time to develop.

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Thanks for giving some insight.

In just predicting not sure at all but I think it would be something like the system we have already, they would keep free flight server for people wanting to mess, they’re also keep playground and advanced but they’re would be the new option of global flight or something like that, then again it may be something completely different

EXCITED! :D Can’t wait to see it!

Love thsee pictures

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when is this going to happen I’m very inpatient

I think we’re all impatient. But look at it this way, the longer the update takes, hopefully that means the better it will be :)

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If that is the case ill be doing daily flights to London To Frankfurt

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In the meantime, you must all work on getting your devices handle the new update. At least reserve about 1GB of memory and 2GB of RAM if you can. You may want to remove all your social sites apps off your device running IF.

That will be easy because I have an iPad Air and I got 32GB so yeah. I will definitely have enough space

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the horror , but global flight is more important than Instagram and snapchat


Best settings will only work with 2017 flagship phones. Start saving up.


Would an iPad Air work @AR_AR

That’s not a 2017 flagship, is it?

No, it will probably not work with every setting set to max.

Yes but it has 32gb