A New Dawn, Continued

I´ll save to get a better phone. Then I´ll start planning.

Steel Air Flight 991:
Flight Origin: Boston Logan
1st Stopover: Pittsburgh International
2nd Stopover: Myrtle Beach Intl’
3rd Stopover: Denver Intl’
4th Stopover: Los Angeles Intl’
Final/5th Stopover: Hilo intl’
Destination: Honolulu intl’

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER
Type of flight: Cargo (BOS-PIT)
Registration: N553SE


First of all to be succinct about it… your fast forward button as you have dubbed it …is in the pc flight sims …called time compression…and has to a viable option in any global flight scenario due to at least these two factors …one of convenience and the other of necessity…but interrelated nonetheless…assuming a normal real world jet flight from JFK to LAX is around five to five and a half hours…then unless you are the personality type that would have “infinite patience” and enjoy crossing the country on autopilot…and waiting almost interminably until you finally get to the destination airport…then the passive part of the trip can be reduced to a third or quarter of the total time of the transit…but even more important is the fact …that since most phones or tablets have only about 4 to 5 hours usage on a full battery charge…then your power level would be down to an almost critical level of less than 15 percent with the drain of IF on it by the time you finally arrived…perish the thought of an intercontinental trip of 12 hours plus…also you would have to fly constantly with the device charging which will in a much shorter time kill the battery and require its replacement…and lets not forget that for you cyanide seeded fruit lovers…is not even an option you can attempt on your own…anyway also remember that the pc sims can fly safely and usually without interruption on a regulated ac power supply that is designed for that load…so finally without time compression …IMHO…a true global flight is neither practical or realistic


How many … Can you use… It’s so irritating … Please just use normal English…


Ok, how does that relate to the current topic?

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You are assuming that global flight is only about long flights. While we know many of you are passionate enough to do realtime international flights, we believe that being able to start a flight (almost) anywhere in the world is what most ppl will get to enjoy.

“Time compression” would be complicated/awkward to implement in Live; one option would be to only allow time compression at cruising altitude and maybe also make you invisible to others while in that mode to avoid any issues. Also this assumes that time is never synchronized between all users (kind of how we do it now by letting ppl choose the time they fly at in Live).


The cons outweigh the pros on that one. I wouldn’t waste my time implementing it anytime soon. Too many issues could come out of it.

Edit: And thanks for pointing out the fact that global flight doesn’t mean you need to do long flights. I don’t see why some think that.


Yeah, you can go from Island Hops, to Continent Hops, hahaha


I will fly right out of Boston Logan. My home city.


Too many stopovers and or layovers…better idea to take a CX or G550 nonstop from BOS to LAX and then on to PHNL…no TSA hassles…and you get there before mid week…or the Apocalypse…whichever comes first…

Mine too!!! :))

Will you be able to see other traffic as much as they won’t see you or it’ll be like being offline at cruise alt

Yay! Words of wisdom that’s great to hear. No time skip ect. I can’t wait to do local regional routes.

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Well now it seems like I will really need to have time on me and a good iPad because I’m going to have to sleep and let the sim run.

@NatIsrael972 Omg so true! xD

…Only to wake up and find out the phone went out of battery :’( :p


It would not have said it better !!!

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Personally I can’t wait for this happen. I will at some point fly LHR – JFK and all the other long haul routes. But for me it’s the fact you can take some of the shorter routes that are used IRL. Such as the European routes, this is what I think will really turn this app into the greatest app possible. Simply take off from Say LHR get up to cruse, do the house work, homework have dinner or whatever. Then get ready for your decent into say MAD (Madrid) or IBZ (Ibiza) that’s what im really looking forward too


Sorry if already asked, maybe someone will respond me, next update or 2-3 next updates?
i think its the second one, to many bugs and things to check and fix…

based on that time compression shouldn’t be there i like the idea of time synchronisation