A New Dawn, Continued

Wait that do you mean?

I think it would be most authentic to keep to the real flight times! So, EGLL to LAX is 11 hours. I expect different opinions but just saying!


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Auto pilot! Perhaps share with other pilots?


Whole world.


About the size, no you won’t necessarily need a lot of space. We are building a streaming system that automatically download the regions that are around you. This is basically how Google Map/Earth works, except that they have a lot more resources than us :)
Most ppl won’t fly to every corner of the globe so in the end it is not that much data (and we will most likely have a system that limits the storage space it takes and automatically remove the old regions you haven’t been in a while).
That being said, if you are not connected to the internet, you won’t be able to fly to regions you haven’t been recently (not in the cache). However, if you are able to download the simulator from the App Store, you should have an internet connection :)


This might be off topic but if I am not mistaken, this sounds sort of like how Flight World works. If Anyone wants to see what I mean you can download Flight World and play it. It downloads the regions as you fly.

Does this mean that we have to pay more to get online or will we keep the same price or will we use this free?

Gets way more interesting by the hour 😌


Really Nice!! AWESOME! I can hardly wait!

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Great job by you guys @ FDS ✌✌


Thanks for your technical clarification…if you can pull that off without an unmanageable lag on wifi…or else without something to cause the app to freeze up like it inevitably does when l am practicing controlling at KEDW…and also if you can stabilize it for older devices without the need to buy the latest model …then IMHO…you would have accomplished an amazing feat for your minimal but dedicated team of programming gurus…looking forward to a Maine to Florida all inclusive East Coast Region to navigate around…with a considerable amount of Class C & D, airports and maybe some Class E airstrips to connect with the Bravo primaries…where the skies will no longer have a limit…and those of us who cannot easily invest in a top of the line pc gaming system to use those flight sims …will now have a sufficient choice on the mobile side to satisfy our armchair aviation addictions…


I wish I could fly from Paris to New York in the Concorde.

Will you be able to use it in solo mode too??

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might it be possible to download continents? since there are times when wifi isnt available and streaming zones constantly uses a lot of GB of wifi usage which isnt sustainable on a commute.


Im so happy to have a Son, that knows what his Dad likes, great fun, and learning process Thanks again, Mikey

And maybe the terrain will be much more realistic now? Or are they using low quality terrain streaming from Google Maps? Hopefully there will be a setting for that because it might get really laggy, especially on live.


This is exactly what i have suggested in the past !!
Thanks !!

Here is @philippe what i suggest in the feature topic

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Wowwww best comment ever