A new craze/trend!

Okay so this has now pretty much become a craze in which first posted by @Butter_Boi in Rainy Day and so far I have seen @Qantas094 and @BravoCharlie and @Luke_King-kong do similar thing in their topics (Can you do the same?, An Ugly Morning and My go at a rainy day.)
So now here is my attempt

Shot was taken at London Heathrow on training server in a British airways A320, with a Lufthansa A320 in the background

This picture was also inspired by @InfiniteFlightLovers because I saw one of his pictures where you you are using free camera and you are inside the plane but not at the cockpit, but then you zoom into the cockpit (at least I think that’s how you do it)

Edited using PicsArt

So now I’m going to end with this quote

”Can you do the same?” ~ Qantas094


Realy cool


Thanks, I think I am the only one right now in this trend who has actually done it in the “cockpit view”

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Cool, looks like a deadly shower of shooting stars ✨


Haha thanks


Impressive, and no I can’t do this as I don’t have editing skills or a PC/laptop to work on.


It’s more just people copying eachother in the hope of getting muchos likes 😜

Looks good anyway


I have started a trend. Great photo, the cockpit perspective is nice, hasn’t been done yet.

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I think everyone wants get likes
get da loooooove
I’m just trying to get for badges

Even tho I can be getting ones irl

oh well

I just enjoy making these rain photos, not to harvest likes, but to display photos I’m proud of. I don’t know about everyone else in this ”trend”.

but I also like screenshot and photo topics because it’s amazingly fun to edit

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Cool, I might do more soon. Anyway keep it up.

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