A new challenging airport that should fly-RCFN

Hello IFC!!

I would like to introduce a pretty dangerous airport, it is called RCFN!!

It is located in Taiwan, Tainan

RCFN Wikipedia

Information about RCFN RW32/04:
RW length: 8006ft
Width: 147ft

Why it is so dangerous: (personal opinions)

  1. Large crosswind or not stable wind
  2. 30 degree approach
  3. RW is not too long
  4. Many mountains around the airport(left hand side when you approaching RW04)
  5. No ILS equipment

Why I would like to recommend it to you?

  1. Beautiful scenery
  2. Challenge yourself

Hope it will add in future ATC schedule!! Also, try it yourself!! Enjoy this airport :)


Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely try it out.

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Hi. Please don’t use the word dangerous. Dangerous implies that the airport should not have been built, and is likely to cause injuries or death. A more fitting term is challenging.

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Ok got it, thanks for your advice!!!

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Thank you!

Not sure what the situation was before COVID, but right now the only scheduled flights here are in ATR-72s. A321s did fly here from RCSS (Taipei songshan) though.

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Ooh. Sounds cool! It reminds me of Tivat

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