A new challenge here on Infinite Flight: The Cessna 172 VTOL Challenge

I recommend to do it in ‘solo mode’.
Take the Cessna 172 for a flight and take-off with the HDG set, once you’re around 1500 feet set the AP to ‘off’ and set the all the extra inside weight of the plane to 0. After that set the weather, set wind to the HDG you’re flying (like 205°).
Once done return to the flight and set your flaps to 25° (max) and try to get your groundspeed to 0 and slide with the throttle to gently bring down your Cessna.

Good Luck!


I’ve done this before but with the Boeing 738. I could get down to about 30kts airspeed and fly perfectly fine. I could basically touch down and be stopped already!

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So that’s why I always lose my luggage on flights.


I’ve done this in a super D.

When your luggage is a box… A cardboard box


When the crew throws out your luggage at 1500 feet as to complete a challenge…

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When the passenger(s) riot and throw you down instead

Then the plane goes down as well… 😂


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