A new category for TR's

For all the a.nutters out there, you know there is a Trip Report forum on a.net. I think we should have a new forum category so we have a new place to put them instead of RWA.

Strongly disagree, we’ll have too much spam then :(


Didn’t consider that. But maybe the devs could make a TR’s per half year limit to stop spam?

This forum’s sole purpose is to discuss anything and everything about Infinite Flight. #real-world-aviation was added to allow some freedom in off-topic discussion about general aviation. That’s pretty much as far as it should get. Use other forums to talk about trip reports and whatnot :)


come on! This is a forum to talk about things related to IF, not to know how it goes your trip or your day, as @Swang007 said there is a category for that, when you become Regular You will have other places to tell your stuff … keep this place clean as much as possible.
Thank you


There are so few it’s likely not worth it.

Ain’t no Trip Reports.

Only Thread Reports (aka Flags)

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