A New Canadian 20.2 Livery

Pattern work around Toronto

So since 20.2 open beta came out, I did a test run with the Air Canada B77W! And oh my, this plane is gorgeous. Kudos to the Infinite Flight Development team for reworking this plane! This is now my favorite B77W livery! Thank you very much Infinite Flight Development team for adding this livery.

Departing off of 24R and into the Canadian Morning sky from Toronto Pearson

And we’re off to fly the pattern, here’s a new view from the new locked free camera.

Another beautiful view of the new locked free camera as we fly the downwind leg with Downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario in the background.

My favorite photo of all time. As we now are over the threshold, we are about to land the new reworked plane for the first time back at Toronto.

We’re floating down the runway to butter/grease the landing.

Thank you for viewing this topic! Happy Open Beta day to all in the Infinite Flight Community!


They did an amazing job on this livery!

Stunning photos!


Thank you!

Ooh glad to see you are enjoying this update.

Thank you! This update is amazing

Great pics, amazing update! congrats @MJP_27

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This is my favorite picture. Amazing shots @MJP_27.


Thank you @Gabriel_Gava and @Zhopkins! I appreciate it!

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