A New Angle @KSTS

A New Angle

Thought it would be fun to go to the parking lot near the airport terminal so I could see some different planes and stuff. I didn’t expect the pics to turn out amazing, but they turned out better than I thought :p

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: Nikkor 24-120mm
Side note: First time spotting with full manual, which was fun, but difficult. Shooting in RAW helped though as some of the pics were underexposed and with Lightroom it’s easy to fix

Before we get into the big planes, i went to the air museum where I got some very nice pictures that I absolutely love 👌

yeah I might have had a little bit of fun editing :p

tiger plane


Now on to the spotting session at the parking lot :0

idk if this is over edited or not but it looks nice :p


Kaiser air plane :0

prop plane ✈️

The Nikon was too big to fit through the fence, so I got this one with my phone

ok thanks have a good day 👍


I like that “Tiger Plane” very much. Nice shots!

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Thank you! Very unique livery :0

Nice shots! The first one is epic 🤟

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Thank you!

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cool fokker (dassault falcon 50)

BUT Kaiser Air flies to Kona, near me! typically one charter 738, today was two 737-800ʻs.

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Oh I just realized that 💀

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Love that Alaska 739 shot, the mountains in the backround make it even better

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Thank you! It is a very nice spot :)

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