A new Airport in Bejing

On 25th Sept.,Beijing Daxing Int’l Airport opened ICAO:ZBAD,IATA:PKX,it has 4 RWYs,it has high speed railway from Bejing West Station,All Skyteam Members,such as China Southern,China Eastern will go there,T1 is the biggest terminer in the world .We want IF to make it

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If you would to see an airport added/reworked feel free to join the many volunteers who make that possible🙂 However since it’s a major airport i am sure it’ll get added eventually

I join them and make it by myself?

Hey Cris, this is known by the airport editing team, we have it marked down but are waiting for updated satellite imagery to actually make it and put it in the simulator.

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Here’s a thread which details more regarding it:

It will be added once better quality scenery is available in the area.


Not as simple as that… It’s more complex then that, but as stated by @Aceorbit they’re awaiting new scenery images before adding it🙂👍

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I know,I watched them do that.I know it is very difficult

We can see it on Google Map

We don’t use google maps for our imagery, but a different program called SAS planet. Its usually delayed a bit when it comes to new imagery.