A new Aircraft model!? [POLL]

Just saying, this info I just told you came from a TRI captain for Ryanair (gets payed like 180K). Just letting you know.

I’m talking about the models…

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It is very interesting to see how you vote without seeing a picture. Looks like Norwegian is the most liked of the airlines. In my eyes, the 737MAX is still a model that will look nice on a model airport

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Will you only get the top on or the top 2 or 3 aswel?

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I am not sure, I have my personal top 3 and wanted to see what the community would like to see, I think i’ll buy the top 2 for 100% and then take a look how far my airport has come. Possible the third one will be a Avro Rj-85 Crossair

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So i have a small update, i ordered a new model plane that wasnt even on the List some minutes ago. This beautiful A321 was a special offer so i got it very cheap! Here is a picture from the beauty IRL

image https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Turkish_Airlines_(Discover_the_Potential_Livery),_TC-JRG,Airbus_A321-231(36970165434).jpg

For my planning, i will think i order the 737-8 Max from Norwegian at the end of this month because the poll looks stuck (Always 737-8Max with around 30% on place 1) and after that next month one Avro from Aer Lingus, possible two Crossair Avros in the month after the Aer Lingus.

Update for my airport:
Next weekend the ground will be placed, so i have 3 Days time to make the last plans (wide of Runway, length is already set) and what kind of Taxiway i want to have ( 1 taxiway for one way taxiing or 2 parallel taxiways). Also the size of the Terminal, the approns and Gates. I will post some pictures in Airport updates soon, not here because this was only for the poll and tipps for liveries and Aircrafts.

Thanks for those who already have voted, i wish you have a nice week and safe IF skies!

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