A new Aircraft model!? [POLL]

There’s no point in getting the MAX unless you’re getting it for the livery… MAX’s, are just NG’s with a different wingtip. Avro’s are legendary, and will stay that way. I vote for the Avro!

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???. The cockpit and the technology are different in the Max. Being a frequent flyer, I have seen the two and they are very different.

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Well, I personally dont like the 737, mostly because Ryanair. I try to see the 737 in a better way and I personally would like to have a max, otherwise I would places a ng on the list.

What scale are all of these? also are u getting them for display or to put in a model airport?

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1/200 sice and yes, I plan to build an airport with a lot of parts constructed by myself

The model airport will get a german theme, 1 runway and mostly be used by small aircrafts (Saab 200 (I think) up to A321 ) and a rare part of planes (2-3 International flights, like a cargo one big Cargo and two 767s

If you’re building an airport I would go with 1:400 since they are smaller and less expensive, but some people do make 1:200 airports if they have the space for it. May I ask what you would base your model airport on? Location of the airport is a big factor when buying model planes for it.

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Wrote it above (edited in)

It would be better to keep the poll more simple by posting in this topic:

Alright, I put in my vote. Wishing the best for you in making your airport. It takes a lot of persistence, which is why i still haven’t finished mine lol.


What do you mean because of Ryanair, it’s a great budget airline, better than Easyjet in my opinion.

I see the price behind a cheap flight. As cheaper the flight, more people want to fly. But with a cheaper price all those employees are paid very worse, most of them are very poor and I dont want ro support that

Actually, Ryanair Senior FO’s (2 years working with RYR) get payed around 80-95K a year, TR captains 145K a year and first time pilots 45-50K, RYR pays their pilots the most of any airline in Europe almost.
(I used Pounds for currency.)
Cabin crew gets payed around 20K a year, wich I would like to get payed that much tbh.

Well, a lot of pilots have said and shown that they have never seen there money that they should have got and they cant say anything against Ryanair because they dont work for Ryanair, the most have to make an own company to be a sub-worker who flies for Ryanair but “works” somewhere else… not sure where the truth is, but I dont ttrust Ryanair

Just saying, this info I just told you came from a TRI captain for Ryanair (gets payed like 180K). Just letting you know.

I’m talking about the models…

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It is very interesting to see how you vote without seeing a picture. Looks like Norwegian is the most liked of the airlines. In my eyes, the 737MAX is still a model that will look nice on a model airport

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Will you only get the top on or the top 2 or 3 aswel?

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I am not sure, I have my personal top 3 and wanted to see what the community would like to see, I think i’ll buy the top 2 for 100% and then take a look how far my airport has come. Possible the third one will be a Avro Rj-85 Crossair

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So i have a small update, i ordered a new model plane that wasnt even on the List some minutes ago. This beautiful A321 was a special offer so i got it very cheap! Here is a picture from the beauty IRL

image https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Turkish_Airlines_(Discover_the_Potential_Livery),_TC-JRG,Airbus_A321-231(36970165434).jpg

For my planning, i will think i order the 737-8 Max from Norwegian at the end of this month because the poll looks stuck (Always 737-8Max with around 30% on place 1) and after that next month one Avro from Aer Lingus, possible two Crossair Avros in the month after the Aer Lingus.

Update for my airport:
Next weekend the ground will be placed, so i have 3 Days time to make the last plans (wide of Runway, length is already set) and what kind of Taxiway i want to have ( 1 taxiway for one way taxiing or 2 parallel taxiways). Also the size of the Terminal, the approns and Gates. I will post some pictures in Airport updates soon, not here because this was only for the poll and tipps for liveries and Aircrafts.

Thanks for those who already have voted, i wish you have a nice week and safe IF skies!

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