A New 757 Movie and 2 757 Videos [Exploring 20.3]

Hello everyone!

As you may know, the 757 was supposed to come out today, but there were some server issues and it is pushed back hopefully for a release tomorrow.


Service Issues

But, you can still enjoy some beautiful new screenshots and videos from the open beta for 20.3. I hope you enjoy my new videos and screen shots below!

Press on the pictures to be taken to the videos!

Video Details

This movie will show off the reworked 757 from 20.3. You’ll see many different aircraft and destinations! I really hope you enjoy.

The liveries included in this video are: IcelandAir, Delta, British Airways, Air China, Cabo Verde, American (New), United, Ethiopian, TAAG, Continental, La Compagnie, Air Baltic, and Air Astana.

This video was filmed at different times of day and filmed on solo and expert server. Some main filming locations included London Gatwick, Iceland, and Miami.

Please note not all new liveries are shown here.


Video Details

This video shows a beautiful departure out of London Gatwick with the new reworked 757. We’re using the British Airways livery. This is a real time departure that starts just before takeoff and at the end of the video, we’re at about 15,000 feet.

Departure SID: KENE1X


Video Details

This video shows a beautiful landing into Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport with the reworked 757. We’re using the Delta Airlines livery. This is a real time arrival that starts about 4 minutes from landing and ends as we park at gate 19 at DCA. We’re arriving from LAX.

Arrival via the River Visual rwy19.


Here are a couple screenshots for you!

Please also check out:

@ThomasThePro @Pingu

Thanks for taking a look! I hope you enjoy the update when you get it.


This should keep you satisfied until @Alexander_Nikitin video comes out…


I like it, 👍

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Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed.

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The first picture, I well do to my background of my ipad

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Very well made videos, especially loved the first one!

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The first’s videos issues are the music and the low frame rate, other than that you have a great amount of skill and potential.

To dig deeper into the music choice, here’s this:

  • The music makes the video 3 minutes, 43 seconds long… which is long to say the least. The same goes for my 20.2 trailer but my upcoming 20.3 one is cut down to around 1 minute 40 seconds.

  • Another thing is that the music is far from fast-paced, which makes the video feel slow and uneventful. Personally, I chose [redacted] for my trailer.

But other than that, you have a great amount of skill and potential. Great work and I can’t wait to see more from you!

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Cool!Great job you did there👍

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Thanks for watching @Bryan4558! I’m glad you liked my videos.

Thank you so much for all the feedback @nativetoalaska, I’ll take this into account next time I’m creating a movie.

@The-unknown-aircraft Thanks! Glad you liked it.