A N G R Y Airbus’s

Basically did these photos


Mostly how the planes how they flown and the nose cockpits how they looked and most people likes them
(All flights were in expert)

  • A330
  • A340
  • A380

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Which of these aircrafts deserve a rework?



Haha… cool pictures :)

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A350 is the scariest

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Image result for angery

Nice, love these type of shots.


The A380 definitely deserves to be reworked more than any other aircraft IMO. It’s my favorite aircraft. ❤️


A380s just like “yup I just had it with yall”

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Centerline is wack (hate to put a disclaimer here but I have to since if I don’t put a winky emoji this’ll get flagged: read as a joke)

If IF does back-to-back reworks with similar aircraft types, I would say the A330 and A340 should come last (with emphasis on the A330). If not, the order should be the A340, A380, and A330 seeing as the A340 has 4 other potential variants while the A380 (maybe) has 1 more and the A330 has 3, and the A340 is broken whereas the A380 is at least decent and the A330 is basically perfect.

I strongly oppose full reworks of planes that have already gotten one/have had recent touch ups so


I think IF could do that if so in the a330/a340/A380, and yes the centerline was kinda wack even tho I don’t bother but I do know to make a smooth landing

Lol that’s literally me


@Luke_King-kong glad you liked them!
@Vignesh_S It stares at you MENACNLY
@Pingu Loved the meme…i guess
@IFflyer its pretty old and kinda outdated but your right
@Lucas_Piedra haha same

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Don’t you just love the consistency between the aircraft? They all look so similar, it’s almost beautiful.

Except for the A380, she’s frowning heavily. Perhaps a bit moody. She is a teenager now after all, being 15yrs old. They all go through that phase…


Pretty much the A380 looks nice aswell