A mystery of flying thru Antartica?

Somebody please tell me what was happening here…
The heading was lock by AP to 150. And I dozed off. And wake up hours later just to discover this weird phenomenon.


I think you may have been “trapped” over the magnetic South Pole ? With your speed each time you went further than the 150 deg heading, the A/P ordered the plane to bank, and since the A/P orders a preset rate of turn you fly in near perfect circles like above :)

If you had a greater speed the circle’s radius would have been even bigger!


That’s awesome, where were you ment to be heading?

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The original planning was inbound sydney & turn back to singapore. Sleepyheaded pilot is dangerous indeed. Im not sure about the speed. It was 747-8. Full throttle.

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Yeh I was tracking you earlier your speed was 1036kts, I’m heading down there now to see if it does the same to me lol, do u do many long hauls?

Yup. I usually fly wmkk - egll most nights, depicting real world routes & schedules of MH2. But last night I tot I do experimenting a lil bit. Currently cruising back to region now so technically, we’ll be passing each other myb somewhere around fl380, i c u later then! Lol.

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Different servers I think, should have used the server ur on

Its good u use different server. If it doesnt happen with urs than server glitch may be 1 possibility that cause the phenomenon.

yeh true, ill let u no in an hour or so, if u flick through all the server ull find the same guy on 2 different servers doing the same route about an hour apart, tristen somone, i didnt think IF let you use 2 different devices at once

I’ll check it out later. Now flying without help from liveflightapp I cannot track myself no more. Luckily I have waypoints activated. This happened before. I dunno why.

Singapore 406 heavy its not happening with your flight aint it? This is weird.

That looks amazing!! Wow

Yeh it did I did 2 loops and then quit, live flight was doin funny things befor tho

It sort of looks like it slowly sucked u into a black hole haha goin off those pictures

a Typhoon…hahaha

Was a typhoon for me because SYD weather was rough when I flew out it stayed like that the whole way to the south haha

Hey Omari u lucky bast… I just read ur profile, from the Caribbean, have you held on to the fence at st Martin and got jet blasted yet?

Why is this odd unless you where hand flying around this region it would do that. That’s where the magnetic field and all directions change. So you had the autopilot on heading south and at that point it changed to north.

I was doing my circumnavigational trip, and I’m passing through northern Brazil before I go to bed. Ten hours later, I find out that in the middle of the night, guessing about an hour or two before I woke up, my plane had sped a ring and avoided Antarctica, when my plan was to travel through Antarctica up Asia back to OXC airport surprised.

What happens when a. Plane in real life flies over the north pole