A Mystery in Ft. Myers

I was quickly checking Flightradar24 earlier today when I noticed a large aircraft profile at Page Field (KFMY) in Ft. Myers. This is typically a GA airport, so I was curious about what could be there. Clicking on it revealed the aircraft was a National Airlines DC-8-61 (N45191). If this were the case, it would be an extremely rare find, as both the aircraft and carrier have not been in service for years. The profile then disappeared. An aircraft of some type landed here, but what? Still curious, I decided to call airport operations. The person I spoke to told me that no DC-8s had been there today, or recently for that matter. Was this a Flightradar24 error? An internet search revealed that no special or historic aircraft were here on tour. So exhausting all other options, I turn to the forum for help. I know there are other members who live in the area, so Iā€™m anxious to hear your thoughts on this mystery find.


It is a FR24 error:

Thanks, that makes more sense. This can be closed by a moderator.