A more comprehensive CTAF

The current ‘Common Traffic Advisory Frequency’ (CTAF) is quite vague in terms of what it could be.
Now I’m not sure if this should fit else where, if it does feel free to remove this post and contact me where this should go.
I did a bit of research of the forum to find simular topics, however I couldn’t find any.

What’s missing from IF?
From what I know is there are a few essential commands that need to be added, it’s perfectly fine how it is, however this topic only focuses on adding more realism; not a game changing function.
Departure commands are not present in IF, in addition some others are present but they’re are different topics in general; these would include:

  • “CALLSIGN” is rolling on runway --, departing overhead (location)

  • “CALLSIGN” has departed overhead off of runway – passing (altitude) tracking (current heading) to (destination in flight plan) climbing to flight level – (location)

  • “CALLSIGN” is back taxiing runway – (location)

  • “CALLSIGN” is turning (distance) final for runway – (location)

NOTICE: These commands can be done in a diverse amount of ways, the ways listed may not be correct conventions, however are just an example of what should be added.

From what I believe there is an extensive amount of uncontrolled busy aerodromes in IF, adding such commands will greatly correlate to increased realism in IF. These commands will significantly aid situational awareness on departures from congested non controlled aerodromes and thus improve the operating of IF.

Please consider this as a realism tweak for IF.

I do believe ATC Commands need updating and improving having had discussions in private with staff.

This, along with some extra additional requests and even misc messages (so you can have a conversation, almost) would improve the authenticity of IF.

You have my vote, when I remove it off another.



Thanks for the vote!
Listening to a CTAF frequency is interesting, especially when things are a bit busy.

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Like the idea! Maybe add in addition to the mentioned above commands like „mayday“. If I can free up a vote (hopefully the A330 gets his rework in near future), I’ll come back and vote for this.

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From what I know there is a minimum fuel situation already in the current CTAF.

Use of mayday would be unnecessary as we do not face emergency situations. Also foresee it being abused a lot


Can’t forget “Left Final.” You hear it on almost every CTAF.

Its a joke if you didn’t get that already