A Moderation Update

A word of advice for those of you who are nervous; we all have different areas of strength. What you do with it matters.

Keep churning through your life doing what you do. Eventually, opportunities will pass under that proverbial mixer. And, trust me, you don’t want it to be from something you detest doing just to be able to be granted that opportunity.

Many of the mods I’ve met take their capacities seriously. It’s not a cakewalk nor a status thing; the kind of sheer effort it requires upkeeping with the way Infinite Flight is growing can be quite serious. Whether it’s that or being worried about losing regular status, it’s something you must ponder. Does it make you happy? Are you balancing your time well? Are you making sure your family isn’t neglected?

It’s no secret my strength lies in ATC. My colleagues know I can cite incredibly obscene references from the .65 and apply it when necessary. I’ve written manuals, countless tutorials, STARs/SIDs, and so forth. I’ve conducted tons of training and testing to such a vast amount of recruits that I’ve literally lost count. However… in other areas, I’m lacking, and that’s okay. It’s the way it is; you don’t see office administrators operating a Virginia-class submarine, and not because of an absence of training.

You do what you have to do because you’re willing to, not the other way around (within reason + factors). Keep your eyes open no matter what kind of fire you’re jumping into.


Wow! So inspiring!


I’m pondering your words of wisdom Joshy… 🤔 Certainly a lot to think about.


Awesome work @MishaCamp and the rest of the Staff. It‘s a big pleasure to see the Community growing.
And to all those becoming a Mod, good luck with your new role and blue skies🤗 you guys rock, thats why I love this Community so much 💖


Im so happy to see a growth in the IFC and Simulator in the past year things can only get better from here glad to be apart of it :-)


This only motivates me even more! Anyways, great changes. The idea to make the forum even more accessible to TL1 users was a great idea.


Exactly the attitude to have. Take notes, TL3 hopefulls!


Thanks for the changes. I am trying to join a VA and it means a lot that I am able to quicker. Thanks again.


I guess I’m quite late to the party but I’ll state my input

I have slowly gotten less and less active on this community simply because it doesn’t feel like the way it was back in the fall 2017 when I was my previous incarnation. It was such an honor to be brought back after my suspension but I have just felt out of place and more shy then I was before. Maybe it was new rules or the pressure of being a former suspended user but I haven’t enjoyed the community the way I used to. I’m for sure not getting TL3 now and certainly won’t in the future because I just am not as active anymore. This is just my opinion and feel free to disagree politely. This is not intended to be rude but it just my honest input.



Who even becomes a moderator? Do good members just get randomly picked?

No. Here is how it works:


Exactly what @Thomas_G showed you. It’s all about the way they act and how they show it. :)


Thanks for the moderation update! I can’t wait to see who the next moderators will be, and I am sure they will do there job correctly and in a timely manner!


Holy words xD


Does this mean that if I change my approach (not the aviation one) and behaviour here now, all my past behaviour could be ignored and I could become a regular in let’s say, 1 year (assuming all goes well)?

Theoretically, yes. But you have to be active, respectful, and helpful to other users. Remember, if you only want the name tag, don’t even try (I mean that in the nicest way possible :). It’s all about being productive. Hope this helps!


Yup, tags are just tags and doesn’t define what we provide to this community;) I couldn’t agree more @DiamondGaming4


Here are your new Mods 👍🏻👌🏻