A Moderation Update

Hey guys!

In the past 12 months we have seen a huge growth in the community and have welcomed tens of thousands new users here! A lot of these users found their way here thanks to you, our community. We thank each and every one of you for helping to make this forum so vibrant and engaging!

This huge increase in users poses new challenges to us. We have made some updates to help the forum run smoothly and will be making some more in the nearby future.

The changes are as followed:

1) TL1/TL3 requirements

We recently made some changes to the trust level requirements. It is now significantly easier to reach TL1. We have a lot of new users that join in the purpose of messaging a recruiter for IFATC, joining a VA and so forth. TL1 is a requirement to be able to message another user, so we wanted to make it easier for people to join the forum for a specific purpose.

TL3 (Regular) has become a bit harder to reach. These changes have already affected a small number of Regulars. Regulars are the role models of this forum so it’s important they have spent a lot of time on here. The main changes we made allow us to ensure that all regular members have a proven track record over a longer period of time.

2) Staff contact

The moderating team is always the first point of contact for a forum user, but if additional assistance is required for any reason, we have staff members who are contactable:

  • For general forum and moderation queries, alongside event and social media questions, contact myself, @MishaCamp
  • For technical questions relating to the forum, Infinite Flight and general queries, contact @schyllberg
  • For IFATC complaints, contact @Tyler_Shelton

We’d prefer if initial contacts are made through these people as the rest of the Infinite Flight team are usually quite busy bringing you new content, events, tutorials and tons of other really cool things!


Good to see the the Community grow bigger and bigger and pose new challenges to the Team! It’s fair to say that the team has never let us down so far! Keep up the Great Work as Usual!


Thanks Misha and FDS/Everyone else for the update!

I’m real glad see the changes for TL1s making it easier on them, I think that was a great decision. It’s really great see a ton of new people joining and growing.

Keep up the good work all and thanks for making a smooth group run better!


That’s good to know, thanks @MishaCamp

Thank for the little update Misha, looking foward to seeing who the next moderator is!

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Who says it won’t be plural 😁


You can also contact the controller in question as well.


Ok well… Mod, Mods. I’m meaning the same thing.

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Thanks for the update!

Aww rip xD

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Odd,I can’t seem to recatagorize and rename topics? @MishaCamp?

There are many mobile flight sims out there. But IF is the only sim with a true live multiplayer experience. And with this experience comes a huge range of things, that make this sim a real experience: procedures and rules, instruction and training, and this amazing community.

Find me one mobile ‘game’, with a community so vibrant, and a staff organisation so well build and organised. Find me a flight simulator with a forum such as this, where a question gets useful responses within minutes (in multiple languages!), which is loaded with good information and training and where moderators and staff work so hard, to make this a fun place.

I take my hat off, for this group.


I want to know, why if there are 60,000 members that constitute this change why is there only a few hundred subscribers that I see on the expert server? And only a few hundred on the casual and training? Just a thought, are any of the members actually apart of the simulator?


No…wait where did yours go? Wait…does this mean…to be continued via PM…

It’s great that this amazing community is growing so much, so we can share our common interest in aviation with many more people! Thanks for all the clarifications Misha!

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It’s quite simple actually, users come and go and you will most likely never see all the users qualified for Expert on the server at the same time. Or any of the other servers for that matter.


I fly a lot. Day and night. Almost all day and night if you look at my internal hours through the day…I have never seen over a few hundred on any given time…the stats don’t add up for a community of 60,000 but I don’t have anything to press the numbers so…

On another note: I do think that FDS should have grandfathered all past Regulars in on this. Just my opinion.


Thanks for the insight, Misha! You and the team are doing great considering how many people are in this community and how little of you guys there are! ;)

The amount of users at one specific point in time might be a couple of hundred, but these are not the same users you are seeing all the time. That’s what i’m trying to say.

One user ends his/her flight, another one starts and so it goes.