A mistake that lead to a possible discovery (could just be a coincidence though)


So, I was in a C172 taking off from Key West just now. I was about to rotate, a Southwest 737 landed on the same runway and blow past me. Just as his engines past mine, my aircraft began to yaw to the right. The 73 had landed (miles off centreline may I add) to my lift. Now my question is… Does Infinite Flight simulate wake turbulence or disturbances in the air of any kind because I just thought ut was strange how my aircraft yawed right at the moment that the jet engines pasted me. I mean, it has been gusty in Florida today so I suppose it could just be a bit of wind but still, I thought I’d ask.

Obviously, as soon as I saw the Southwest plane next to me, I probably paniced being on expert server and instantly quit the flight to avoid ghostings by any potential ATC that may have come on. But I could have let go of the rudder I guess.



I don’t think you would have been ghosted, but check wether the runway is free the next time (haven’t understood the situation correctly before, hence the edit).

Don’t think wake turbulence is modelled, but would be glad to be corrected if it is.

I mean, technically, the Southwest should have gone around, but, in his/her defence, I didn’t check the approach was clear.

Yeah OK. It was also that my aircraft was on the grass so I didn’t want to get speed violations

This doesn’t seem like your behaviour was really right either. Please see my edited post above. Also let’s return to the main topic the potential wake turbulence.

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I really think not.
For example, fighter jets are known for being extremely unstable (a video detailing why they are that way here. I refuel with my friends, and the aircraft barely moves. Keep in mind that the fighter jet is also very small, and the refueling aircraft (kc 10) is big.

I would still like to think that to be true. It is a really cool concept. Maybe you should put it in a features thread!

I wish you luck. See you!

Already existing!

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What a coincidence!

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I don’t believe that is wake turbulence. The winds are pretty high all over Florida right now due to a weather system passing through the whole state.

To add, I’ve taken off in small aircraft after large ones, in scenarios that would have wake turbulence, but I did not encounter anything. Besides, could you imagine what would be going at LAX in the training server if wake turbulence was on?

Off topic but are you Ukrainian?

Yep, one living in Florida.

Ok dm me I saw your starting a VA

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