A misc. message instructing aircraft to not stop on the runway

Very simple feature to implement that can be extremely helpful, especially since so many people think they can’t exit the runway until they’ve been cleared to taxi. This issue can be very problematic if there’s many aircraft landing in rapid succession. This new message can say “[CALLSIGN], Please do not stop on the runway.”.

I like this idea!

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Yes it would be cool.

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As part of IFATC, you got my vote! If I had any left!


Personally, I’ve never seen this situation happen but would be a nice addition.

However it shouldn’t be a separate command but be added on to the “Cleared to Land” command to avoid unnecessary frequency clogging:

ATC: Callsign, Runway 01L, Cleared to Land, Please do not stop on the Runway.

Pilot: Runway 01L, Cleared to Land, Wilco, Callsign.

or something along those lines…

Wilco: will comply

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This is actually an irl thing, aircraft are supposed to wait for taxi clearance. It’s just that people stop in the wrong spot. You should stop after the whole aircraft is pass the threshold keeping the runway clear.


I feel like people still won’t listen to that. I’ve instructed people to, for example: “[CALLSIGN], exit runway to the left, cross runway 28L and contact ground.” But they still ask for permission to cross the runway and for a frequency change. An addition to the landing clearance message would be nice but if it fails, an extra misc. message would be more effective I think.

Voted! Good feature in the game.

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It’s not realistic though. It really is only said if they stop on the wrong side of the hold bars

I won’t be voting for this feature as it already addressed some commands:

ATIS: rolling departures instructions

There’s an instruction for: immediate take off

In case someone taking their time to depart/ vacant the active runway , there’s an instruction available to tell the pilot to expedite

Thus I can’t see it adding to what it is already a congested list of commands.

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Takeoff isn’t the issue, it’s people thinking they can’t exit the runway before they’ve been cleared to taxi. The issue is that people don’t listen on the training server. A direct message instructing pilots to not stop would be most effective I think. Many pilots often misunderstand the word “expedite” in runway exiting scenario and stop on the runway anyway.

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I have included an example of ATC instruction issued when vacating the runway. So this applies not to stop or to cross RWY X before contacting ground.
Unfortunately if pilots don’t understand what expedite means or did not understood the instructions given then that’s their fault.

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There’s a command to hold postion whatever the situation as well.
Besides, in TS, its actually very common to see pilots disgard commands requested because mainly the controller on TS have no powers to issue violations as only ES this can be enforced.

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Their fault but I does affect every other aircraft inbound to land, especially those on final

That’s so funny you bring this up cause I didn’t see anyone do this until yesterday. 3 people did it back to back. Thankfully they had enough separation that no one had to make a G/O.

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I think the instructions are quite clear “exit runway when able please expedite traffic on final” and everyone knows when there is another aircraft close to them as we all have the map. So we should all try to be more courteous to each other and just maintain proper speed.

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While this feature does seem rather useful, as mentioned prior, we already have a command like this which would be: “Exit runway when able, please expedite”. I mean, if this was to be used in cases where a aircraft just stopped on the runway in while taxiing, you could use a “Continue Taxi” followed by a “Please expedite”.

As you mentioned, some people may not listen it that would be on them, right? At the end of the day, if they won’t exit the runway after a “Please expedite”, “Continue taxi”, nor “exit runway”, they may likely deserve a disconnect/report in those cases. Either way though, as an IFATC Controller, I would say that this command is well covered.

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Im all for this but this also adds to the already chaotic workload that controllers have (especially dealing with the kids who have no server discipline)

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I believe that it would be used on the training server more than anything.

I’d say it’s unrealistic if you add it to the clearance.

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