A Midnight Hop Through Canada

Evening! (or Morning, as it may be)

Tonight I decided to take the good old Porter Q400 for a spin between the two new 3D airports in beautiful Canada. Trying, of course, to be as realistic as possible, I chose to use the current time, and lucky me, it was the middle of the night. But what the heck, it makes for a great challenge creating screenshots!

Flight info:
Route: CYOW - CYTZ under c/s POE248
Flight Time: Approx. 55 min
Server: Expert

  1. Lining up for a rolling departure from CYOW RWY25

  1. Letting the aircraft rotate by itself

  1. Moonshot enroute (had to change the time of year for this one to work)

  1. Turning during the weird and wonderful CYTZ RWY08 Arrival

  1. Textbook landing with a slight crosswind, on speed, on profile, and perfectly on the touchdown zone

  1. Thank you for flying with Porter!

I loved the little mini jetway things at Billy Bishop and had a fun surprise when I found the complete external jetway model inside XD (Sorry for outing you, devs)

I hope you enjoyed this screenshot collection as much as I enjoyed flying! Since it had a good response last time, here is the poll:

Which was your favourite photo?

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Thanks for reading,

Your friendly neighbourhood New Zealander


Good afternoon! And yes you finally understand my pain of editing/taking night photos :D
Anyways all that aside, that’s some great photos you got!

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Thanks! yeah, it was a bit painful haha.
I had some nice shots of the landscape, but when I edited the exposure so at least something was visible, it got all blobby lol XD
It was still fun to play around with new interesting angles to avoid that though!

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Trying out new strategies for nice night photos

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Nice photos! Never knew there were so many Kiwi’s on the IFC.

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Cheers man! Yeah I’m often surprised too! We’re not as rare as we seem XD

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Definitely some fantastic night shots! Compared to what I saw in other photos taken at night time, this is the best of the best!

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Thanks so much! That means a lot :)