A message to Training Server Pilots on the IFC

Rule of thumb: don’t control at KLAX and EGLL or KJFK or any of those huge mega-hubs on the Training Server. You’re more likely to encounter trolls there.

You’re best off making a tracking thread at smaller airports, like other users have said above. Just be sure to keep having regular ATC sessions at different times and different airports, and you can even offer to tag people on here who would like to attend (if they consent to being tagged). That way, your thread will get bumped more often, and more people see it, and can attend your sessions and give you feedback too.

If you’re serious about IFATC, then I would suggest that you start working on the requirements and your written exam straight away, get those out of the way, and get into a formal training environment with an official IFATC Trainer.

And yes I know, the training server is rather tiresome at the big hubs - but right now, it is what it is, and going to smaller places with more dedicated traffic who want to help you out, is certainly better than trying to make trolls listen to you.


Why not join IFATC? You can find some info below :)


I was planespotting at Heathrow the training server, and some guy in an emirates 777-200LR went on to the rw without permission did a 360 onto the grass than went to a vertical takeoff and never pulled his gear up lol

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Okay, calm down. There is no reason to carry a run riot on the peaceful utopia we call the Community. Try to get Grade 3 and get on the ES, where this doesn’t happen typically. Thanks!


If you create a tracking thread and open smaller airports with two parallel runways, you will usually manage to get pilots from IFATC or people currently training for IFATC. Considering each pilot in expert server is not an expert of ATC commands, the atmosphere with the tracking thread gets sometimes even more realistic than the expert server :)


I’m afraid it will be what it will always be unless some new inventive method is thought up by devs.

Don’t forget, it’s not only technicalities that needed to be trained, but part of what made expert server what it is right now is not the reportings or the ghostings - it’s user attitude. There might be a clue there.

Infinite Flight should also create more jam-packed useful features that could only be accessed in the training server for rookies to learn how to be an expert and make it more exciting than ever, while leaving the casual server as it is for whacky fun. Because frankly for now, I don’t know the difference between casual and training servers anymore.


EGLL and KLAX are playgrounds :)


Gotta be honest… it is, and also I love the MASSIVE crazy commotion that’s going on there! :D

As a matter of fact, I think imma go there right now!

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The server’s name tells what is it for: to TRAIN your skills…

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For those who are interested, back in the day, the Training Server’s name was originally “the Playground Server.”

Not kidding.

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@CaptainSooraj Because it is a playground (well not really, THE PLAYGROUND SHOULD BE CASUAL!!!) yet people choose to troll in training

I remember that.😂

I have permanently moved away from Training Server but I do have some fond memories of my days on TS1.

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Or just ignore the trolls and control the ones that follow instructions. When I’m controlling at KLAX and someone doesn’t follow instructions the first time and they do pattern work and ask for service after they’re airborne, I just ignore them. They get pissed too after lol.

Nice, i’ll try that. 😅

Because they probably have no idea what you’re saying or what to do.

You should have to do a few training flights set in preloaded scenarios before you fly on the live server.

Taxi, take off, climbing, descending, basic Nav etc. Only after completing these should you then be allowed on the live servers

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