A message to those who use ATC when flying!

Hello all and thank you for reading this post!

I John Gerard Killeen has just been controlling at KNUC for the past hour and have been both frustrated and annoyed at the fact that the pilots playing were Impatient and had seemingly no respect for the service they were receiving!

I totally understand that you all like to get into the air swiftly but let’s face reality people! If an airport is busy you have to have PATIENCE!!! Which is something a lot of the pilots on infinite flight don’t seem to have! For those of you flying in KNUC under the control of IFEP John Gerard which happens to be me, and you found a delay in service that you thought wasn’t applicable then suck it up! Have some manners and patience and give us a chance for crying out loud! We guys doing ATC are only human and sometimes we need time let it be a little or a lot!

Also “you” pilots and I am directly referring this mainly to those at KNUC, have some sort of problem with complying with ATC! For example I told someone to make a left360 and instead they make a right three sixty! Honestly, that’s just pure ignorance to be quite honest! If you don’t know the difference between LEFT and RIGHT then I don’t think you should be playing Infinite Flight!

All in all I appreciate you all following me this far! But for heavens sake will you please, PLEASE just give us ATC controllers a chance and don’t bark at me or any other controller if we don’t attend to you straight away you royal highness!

Didn’t realise “you” we’re any more important than anyone else! Don’t take offence just use to learn from! It’s something that I think all pilots should refresh on!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it clears up the situation at KNUC!
PS: everyone talks about realism but answer me this question!
Where is the realism in filling up a class Charlie airport with 40-50 commercial aircraft? It doesn’t happen in real life! That’s what class bravo airports are for! Learn your stuff before “you” start barking up the wrong tree!


As a pretty lousy Pilot I must totally agree with Mr. Killeen to my shame! Get your Stuff Together Fledglings and Hot Shots so called Pilots. Go practice in the sticks. Bring yourself to a major airport to show your “stuff” not as an impediment. Get your stuff in one bag… Pilots you know the malcontents, malefactors and unprepared! “Push the bottom on them”. We’ll all be better for it.
Mad Max Sends

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@hubandspoke1 Thank you No… My wife is pissed she says I love IF more than her! I been with this women for 50+ years so I don’t want to hanger her yet. Regards, Max


Thank you @Maxmustang! Its nice to know that a veteran of the community has common sense! Someone who is a 30 year plus veteran of the mustang is no shitty pilot excuse the French!

@JGK00… Mutual Respect John… It keeps the train on the tracks.
Regards, Max

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