A message to the Infinite Flight Community

Hello community!

Just wanted to share something that I have been observing lately here on the forum.

So, first off, I Have noticed that there have been a abundance of new community users to the forum which is great and amazing and shows the sign of the community growing in a positive way! But, there comes a effect with some of the abundance of new users that we need to see. First since they are new, they might post a duplicate, post a topic that is not needed here on the forum, or maybe in our book just a stupid question.

Now, I have see this happen before. Lets just say a new user posts a topic that to our eyes feels stupid or not needed here on the forum. All we do is hop on the topic and post in the thread “this topic is not needed” or “I think this is a stupid question and you need to answer this yourself and there is no need to make a topic for this.” And then every one jumps on the band wagon to say that, and no one answers the question. Now, dont take this the wrong way, this is just a helpful reminder: we are always going to have new users, and even if the question is stupid in our eyes, it could be an important question in theirs. And Im not just talking for new users, this could be for any other user out there, such as a member or regular.

To get to the point, new user or not, we should always have this mindset “No question is ever stupid.” Always show the OP respect and be thoughtful and dont say this is a stupid question. This is just a friendly reminder ( not trying to come down hard on anyone and dont take this the wrong way.)

I think this is a great community and we need to impact it in a positive way! And this is not a topic trying to call anyone out or trying to negatively effect the community. This is just something I have been noticing a little, especially towards to new users.

Thank you for reading!


Yeah I bro I agree

Let’s not greet new community members by saying “this question is unnecessary and is quite stupid, ask yourself that question”

Let the people familiarise themselves with the community first, just point them in the right directions, and they will be on their way


Totally agree!


I agree completely!


I also agree. I feel that this topic was needed more recently.


I agree with this, thank you for making this @Eddie_D. We need to show new members respect and don’t bash them with “unnecessary question.” And I’ll admit, I have been guilty of this before. We don’t want to make a bad impression on them and they leave. Well said, well said @Eddie_D.


Thank you @Butter_Boi!


MaxSez: @Eddie_D. On the job since 6/12 and you grasp the Forum essentials which are available via the excellent professionally written tutorial to all by a short Forum search. That aside, I give you a 10 for your well written, sincerity, camaraderie and enthusiasm. We all need a timely reminder of our individual responsibilities as members of this unique community, me particularly. Well Said! Thank you I needed the reminder.
Warm Regards, Max Sends


This is also an important topic.

We were all new users at some point in our time here on thr IFC.


I’ve been waiting for this.

Yes, it’s okay to inform new users of our general rules and such, Make this example “When is the A350 coming” but instead of:

“This is not needed, please don’t post these”

We should say something like:

“I believe it going to come sometime late 2019, early 2020. When you have a question, try searching it in the search bar before making a topic. Thanks, and welcome to the community!”

We need to be more respectful to players in IF too. Recently, a user cut the line using a different taxiway, and he happened to be on the IFC.

A couple people were extremely angry, and I understand that, but some went a bit far, as to use terms such as “dumb” and “idiot.”

That user later responded and said he felt very bad and he was sorry.

If you know who said these things, keep it private… This is not meant to bring them down, but inform in what we can improve.

Over all, we can improve on a great many things.


I agree! This defiantly needed to be said!


The thing is when people see a similar topic to another one they freak out. Like I feel as if eventually there will be nothing to discuss? The IFC would just become a search engine like Google.
But that’s just how I see it


Well said. This community can be pretty ruthless sometimes.


I totally agree with you, I remember at the time I invited a friend of mine to the community, I had no time to be able to help him in everything and how everything was new to him, he asked questions that for us that we have been here for a long time on IFC seemed less important, and instead of getting help, he was always attacked on his postings, that it was not the right place to post, people telling him that his questions didn’t need to be posted that he should check before asking anything (knowing that he is new and not familiar with IFC), this also happened when he had difficulty in IF, if the question were so stupid I believe they wouldn’t do it, if they do it is because they really don’t know and needs help, remembering that everyone have been where they are, so have more patience.
he left IFC BTW


The problem is it’s often impossible to reply to those new users because their posts are closed very soon (already asked, it’s a feature you can post as a new user, feature already asked, blimey he has pointed to default let’s close his post, etc.).
I totally agree with you.
And I answer to them (closed posts) by PM.

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Its not related to new users directly.
But i would Like the moderators to write the reason of a topic closing, when it’s not referenced why already. Because i don’t always see an explanation and some users may bé confused (when there are no the photo with « closed » next to it

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the OP will always be informed if their topic is closed. sometimes i guess the moderators don’t feel the need to tell everybody.

although it certainly can be rather confusing at times when a topic is closed out of nowhere…

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At the end of the day, we were all newbies once, we all needed guidance from other users about how to navigate this forum, follow the rules and make posts that are good for it. We need to support them and instead of going “duplicate, wrong category etc” actually teach them what all of this means. DM them, be supportive towards their first posts because we all came from somewhere and being harsh and negative isn’t going to fix anything. We all have a responsibility on here to support the new ones and watch them grow into the regulars of tomorrow


I totally agree.

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I agree on this

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