A message to the developer of infinite operations

I just wanted to let the developer John Goering that infinite operations is not working for any plane at the current moment I assume this is because of the semi recent update I also wanna note that it was working before if you see this thanks. if I posted this in the wrong topic, let me know.

The planes are working for me, and I think this belongs in Support . If you where trying to tag someone, put “@“ before the name, otherwise, any other moderator would’ve answered.

Known issue.

Please search the forum before posting.

No. It’s an issue with a third party application, not an Infinite Flight issue.


Sorry, i never heard of infinite operations and figured he was referring to the sim

The app is called In-Flight Operations.



Infinite Flight switched to a new API.
All third-party apps need to be overhauled to be able to work with IF API 2.0.
Not all apps have been overhauled (yet). Some apps might not be overhauled at all.

There have been many topics about this change.

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Sounds good, my apologies. Thank you for correcting me and removing my post.

Known issue and Dev is aware