A Message to the Community

I see both sides of this new requirements situation and I don’t want to take either side (for fear of losing my job 😉) but I have to say both sides are putting up very compelling arguments.
One the one hand pilots (like myself in this respect) who are under the new restrictions but know every procedure and have rarely if ever had issues with any other pilots or controllers themselves feel they are being punished for the crimes of a few pilots. I agree it is harsh and you will see some people leave the forum and such because of what they deem to be “to much”! Already I have seen two members quit and leave because of this. Why? Because it takes time to play and rank yourself up! it takes time out of your day to do touch and goes for twenty minutes. Yes it can be frustrating to fly alongside nimrod pilots who don’t know the difference between L and R or who think out of the blue that the taxiway morphed into a runway…yes that’s frustrating I completely understand and agree! I’ve had to ghost because of people just taking off on taxiways or landing on the wrong runway! It happens! It’s life here in IF! And it will continue to happen no matter how lax or lean the mods and devs are on new players.
On the other hand I can see the point @Joe and @Carson are trying to make. It is wrong to make very good and obedient pilots have to suffer through the clown show that is taking over Expert. They want to ensure that pilots such as myself and every other single member have the quality they desire out of a simulator. I don’t know about you but I want to have a better expert server where pilots obey. It’s quantity versus quality here people. In order to bring back the strictness and obedience the expert server is known for you must implement new procedures.

Now before I start a full fledged war let me raise my hands here to say I’m not taking either side. I’m just summarizing both sides viewpoints and if you look at it logically you will see BOTH sides have their good points. Is compromise out of the picture? (I have no idea since I’m not a mod lol)
I see mentions of a test pilots must take to get into the server. I say that’s a wonderful idea. However the pilots must be willing to take it every week or something to that effect.
I see several people mentioning just flying in patterns to earn XP. Let me stop that right here by saying if you go to a deserted region and do touch and goes till your hair turns grey that will not increase your knowledge of interacting with ATC! Part of the reason for these new procedures is to TRAIN pilots. So grab a handy member who wants to be a controller or ask for an IFATC like myself or others and practice touch and goes, practice coming inbound, practice doing transitions. Train yourselves. Become the better pilot you want the training server to show. Teach the low grades what it means to be a serious player. Don’t just give up because you think it may be to hard. What’s the point in flying at all then?
So my hope for you is that you will read this and see exactly what sort of a situation we are in…and start acting! You all know where the report user button is?? I dare you to use that button every time you see a dumb pilot doing backflips in a 747 while requesting taxi to parking…it’s happened don’t laugh lol. Report as a community. You are doing this to clean up the TS! Instead of just complaining about it do something! So many pilots would rather complain about the decreasing knowledge in the TS and not go out ere and make it a better place. Rome wasn’t built in a day (yes I’m sorry for using that cliche)

I hope you see my flying in the TS1! I for one am going to start on this road. We need better pilots and more concerned pilots who are willing to actually do something. So what’s my ending message? Don’t rant and fuss at the mods for installing this new restriction. Take this as a clear message to help clean up the training server and learning new instructions!
Go out and fly under ATC you know you can trust, learn the ropes! You’ll gain XP back in no time and in a couple weeks you’ll be back in the expert server with loads more knowledge and a smile on your face! “That wasn’t so hard”! Not only will you have increased your XP but your knowledge will have increased!
Safe controlling and landings everyone! Clear blue skies to all!



Is there a chance to not make these huge walls of text that you write?


Keep in mind, you’re not restricted to the less popular regions if you want a quite place. That’s what TS 2 is for. It’s a quiet spot for you to fly anywhere, without many people, and a lot less nimrods (Also, sequencing commands work properly!)

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Exactly TS2 is a clear example :) it’s not deserted and the lesser pilots don’t go there. Just check it out and always try to get some ATC experience whether you fly or control!

Those who allegedly left due to the new requirements were obviously not in it for the good fight. If they were, they’d get themselves out there and do touch and goes until blue in the face!


Again I politely remind you touch and goes do not make a pilot better. They increase maybe knowledge of that particular aircraft and how to do touch and goes…but one of the areas needing improvement is contact with controllers. Just something to keep in mind. 🙂

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Well, hopefully if they were well versed in how to fly expert previously and only XP was keeping them from it then a few TnG would solve their dillema lickety split.

Instead they throw out the baby with the bath water! If that is their attitude then good riddance.

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I agree in my case for example, and yes I use myself a lot, I believe I have what it takes to be in expert solely because I’m an IFATC! I know how to deal and work with controllers. So yes I guess in that instance doing TaG would work if XP was all that’s keeping you in.
However I would recommend that newer ex Grade 3 pilots would practice more with ATC to get a better understanding of what it means to obey them. But again I’m biased in that sense

I will admit even I know mostly basic command and command/response system is still at best primitive ( it won’t get better without live voice), but once you learn it much better.

Exactly and then we can fill the skies with wonderful pilots! Just my thought for the community before I tuck myself I’m ;)

Hope this helps people know what they can do while they are limited to the TS1/2

I have triple the XP for the new rules. If you’re a frequent flyer, then you wouldn’t have a problem with XP. It’s literally the easiest thing to get in the sim.

Just like affording a nice flight without having the money for it. Get some frequent flyer miles, and the price of that expensive flight goes down.

Well said @FlyFi however some people don’t have as much time to fly so it is a bit more difficult for them.

A normal flight from KSAN to KLAX gets you about 450 XP, and it takes a good 35 minutes. Doing 2 flights every day, you’ve already got almost a thousand XP. A flight or two every day can get you where you need to be in no time. If you can’t devote atleast half an hour a day to flying, then what was the point of getting Live?


Thank you! Here I completely agree. And try and see if you can get ATC there as well ;)

Can you explain to me what this is about in 2 sentences. I really don’t have the time or patience to read through that.


Don’t rant and rave about the new restrictions; the mods are right to put up is new idea. Just go out and report anyone misbehaving in TS1 and try and fly to show others how it’s done while at the same time cleaning up all the nimrods

Cool, thanks. Fly on expert, control on expert it’s just better ;-)

I think the point is we can’t fly in expert because of the new restrictions. This was addressed mainly to the pilots who got demoted because of the new restrictions!

Expert - A person with extensive knowledge or ability based on experience.

Expert is for dedicated pilots with plenty of experience to avoid problems controllers don’t/shouldn’t have to deal with. If people really want to fly on it they will gather the XP they need.