A Message to some of the Regulars

Dang son! Very well said! It’s a good point too; some who should be role models really aren’t acting like it.


Very well said 😄

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Great points! It so frustrating to see regulars overbearing their abilities and attempting to act as moderators. The idea that regulars are obligated to keep the community clean and everyone else is below them is part of the problem. We are all responsible for keeping the community tidy, but when you start seeing “flagging” as a job, its becomes a problem. Enjoy your time here, relax, and if you are critiquing users, do it in PM, don’t be a jerk seeing how much you can moderate people.


I have to agree, lately I’ve been noticing more and more Regulars acting a bit immature and posting more off-topic things.

Thanks for making this post.


Well, Nice words!! On my opnion we all have the same love, and we are here to learn, get some Fun and share our passion! So for all regulars and TL3, guys lets think before post or comment something and If ill be good for IFC, If not, dont do.

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To go back to my previous point, regulars who are unhelpful and are a nuisance, won’t be regulars for much longer. Regulars aren’t bad people, we all have a common passion for Infinite Flight, and we’re not trying to ruin other people’s experience.


Nobody said that regulars are bad people. This isn’t an attack in any way shape or form on the regulars, but some constructive criticism.

It’s understandable that you cant really see the difference considering you joined less than a year ago, but the quality of regulars, in my honest opinion, has declined within the past 1-2 years. This is coming from a former regular btw, so yes, I can see both sides of the debate(not argument).

There would also something wrong when certain members of the community are feeling like another group is against them in a way, whether that be TL1/2s, or TL3s. If that’s what you’re suggesting, you should probably PM a moderator. I just want to emphasize that I have nothing against anyone in the community, regular or not, and I’m just taking part in what hopefully stays a healthy debate.


Before this thread turns into a twisty-turny road of complaints and grumblings, lets remember a couple of things about TLs.

TL1 through TL3 are auto-assigned by system requirements (ifaik). So, it is quite possible that users who are not necessarily suited to be at a certain TL could still end up there. However, time will weed out the true character of these users, and will also determine the appropriate level in the community.

All trust levels are a privilege, especially TL2 and TL3. You don’t need to be perfect, you don’t have to be a suckup, you don’t have to be a support nerd (like Seb :P), etc. What is required of you is to use your abilities to help other users, to build friendships, and to collectively mold a welcoming community.

If you are using the IFC simply trying to “climb another TL”, you soon will find out the futility and puerility of that. It is easy to tell the difference between users with ulterior motives and those who are genuinely trying to be welcoming and helpful, therefore becoming indispensable in those actions.

In short, don’t fret about what your TL is, don’t abuse your powers if you are granted a higher TL, but do your best to become a genuinely intrinsic part of this beloved community.


A great message with significance and meaning behind it. I’ve also seen what your seeing. I’m sure it doesn’t go unnoticed but it’s a great reminder to some. :)


I personally don’t agree with everything you have said but yes I do see what your saying, I do agree that if your TL3 to make sure your being helpful and contributing well in the community and helping others as needed, thanks for your words, and this is a great reminder! 😊

Being TL3 is a privilege and we should act maturely throughout the forum!

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Im ganna cherry pick this - I am a “Regular” but I do not wear the tag (as you can tell) While having the privilege is cool my job isn’t to show off with it. I just get to hang out and try be helpful on things I know, whether it’s a helicopter question, sales question, Alaska operation, whatever. I have seen regulars in the past who I avoided at all cost due to how rude they were I haven’t seen them in a long time so where ever they are hope they’re well.


When I was regular until now, I had the USAF Cores in mind. Integrity, as in high moral standards, doing what is right, Service Before Self, as in being a helper in any way you possibly can (even if you’re not a support geek), and Excellence In All You Do, as in being the best, most mature version of yourself at all times. The title isn’t just for noticeability. It’s for high levels of community membership as a whole. Even though there’s some I don’t see in all Regulars, I consider this well said. Thanks for your thoughtful reminders.


I couldn’t agree more with this topic. In 4 years of being on the IFC, I’ve seen people who are devoted to helping out regardless of their TL and there are the ones who feel they are better than others because of their TL. The emphasis nowadays is to reply first and receive the most likes even when the statement is horrendously incorrect. It’s actually pathetic to witness. The emphasis should be replying in a way that is beneficial to the original poster. Statements that begin with “I think…” or “Maybe you…” are generally no help to anyone. Allow someone who knows the answer and can respond comprehensively to reply. You won’t die if you don’t get likes.


Thanks for all the feedback and the valuable reminder. This really applies to all trust levels as well.

Regardless of the trust level of the post, please utilize the flagging functionality to alert moderators to review the post. We review all flags and make a decision. For more information on the guidelines please check Reminder on flagging guidelines for more information.

The moderation team will often consult with users via PM regarding any problematic posts or trends that we may be seeing. In some cases trust level can and will be adjusted accordingly.

This is a very large community with personalities from all around the world. Sometimes it is hard to convey sarcasm or tone in an appropriate manner. This is part of the role of the moderations team when responding to flags.

Thank you everyone for the passion and dedication you show the community each and every day. We are seeing increased usage and an influx of new users to the community given the current world climate and sometimes may experience growing pains. With everyone’s continued cooperation following the established community guidelines we will get through it all together.

As always, if anyone has questions at any time please feel free to reach out to a member of the moderation team.