A Message to some of the Regulars

Hey guys, before you just scroll down to the comments, please just read what I have to say.
First off this doesn’t apply to all of the regulars, just some.

TL3 needs to be reconsidered to some extent. Especially now that people have more of an opportunity to play IF or participate more on the IFC, the amount of regulars is going to just increase. I’m NOT against the idea of TL3, there are just some issues that need to be addressed. I’m going to quote some lines from this topic:

“Regulars are the role models, the ones new users should be able to look up to.”

This is entirely true. When you have that “regular” tab next to your name you automatically get more leverage over others when replying to a topic. Unfortunately there are some instances when the “role models” have been the exact opposite of that. So that defeats the whole purpose of being a regular doesn’t it?

“we sometimes promote TL2 users that have been exceptionally helpful”

In this case “helpful” doesn’t mean being the first to reply on a #support topic. Sometimes it’s like a race to be first when it shouldn’t, as I’ve seen plenty of misinformation posted. In this case it’s not the regulars themselves, it’s those trying to make an impression and have an opportunity to get TL3. This is only more widespread because the requirements to reach TL3 aren’t given, so people who really strive to be regulars sometimes end up going overboard.

Listen, I think the concept of TL3 is fine. Of corse it’s nice for some well trusted community members to help out and be leaders. I haven’t been apart of this community for too long (especially compared to some others) but the quality of the regulars has just gone down. Sorry to say it. So I first-off propose TL3 should be much harder to achieve. Now that’s never going to happen so Im going to leave by saying this:

Guys, you are some of the leaders on the IFC, many members strive to become like you. Please act more mature with the platform you have been given, so we can all enjoy the IFC to it’s extent.


Well said sir.


Great post. Lately lots of regulars have been taking advantage of their new titles and roles. Hopefully this will help draw attention to those issues so that we can come even closer together as a community.


It not all regulars. Have to agree.

  • Maybe the lack of professionalism has decreased, but with some fix it could turn everything around.

Oh my 14 likes in 2 minutes. Well said.

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That being said, there’s no rule that says you don’t or can’t flag other regulars who may not represent this group. If they’re straying off topic, or posting nonsense, flag them. Bring it to our attention so that we may address these issues.


Thanks for posting this reminder.

If you are a regular (or of any trust level), here are some things you should always be thinking about when you are posting:

Is it what you are saying:
-not better suited for a PM?
-not a duplicate?

If what you are posting doesn’t fit one of those categories, seriously consider before you hit that ‘reply’ or ‘post’ button.


The amount users will also increase. Achieving TL3 is a very hard process, and it’s well earnt. Yes we have had some new Regulars recently, but achieving this can take months and months.

Role models as you’ve said are role models. Everyone has their ups and downs, we all have our personalities. But we still manage to keep our level of trust, and staff/moderators will take our regular status away from us if they believe we aren’t capable of helping out.

Although will admit, some of us have been off our nut lately a little. You should’ve come here about half a year ago, that was when TL3 was at it’s worst in my opinion.


Agreed very much. Recently been seeing some not representing what a Regular looks like. I’ve seen some can act in a way where many new users may be discouraged in topics like support or when they are asking questions and etc… I believe it can be addressed quickly if done right


This. We have people posting the exact same information in a row.

Grabbing my popcorn…


No popcorn grabbing here. I think people here do have a point to which we can all agree to. 😊

A friendly discussion is what can ‘break the ice’ between disagreements.

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It was a joke buddy


It’s not that certain people aren’t capable of helping out, it’s that certain regulars always rush to be the first person to reply to maintain their status. When so many people do this, new users(and even existing users) can be overwhelmed and as a result, scared away from the community.


I personally think this is an exaggeration, but any how, we do ‘rush’ to a topic, like a bit of fun. Becuase if you’re not going to get a post in, you’ll most likely have 10+ people before you. We as a community are slowly stopping necro posting, by noticing if another user that we know can provide the Information is already typing.

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I remember my time as a Regular a while back. Back then everyone was (in my opinion) a little more tolerant of the role. There was clearly a divide between those who are far more involved with the community and those who aren’t. I loved being that person who is a leader to others. But I know some Members who live up to that role as well. Trust me, a lot has changed and to be fair if i ever get that position for the 3rd time, I wouldn’t boast about it


This is a very busy community. People are not racing to answer but often time multiple replies are sent at the same time. Sometimes people will delete their replies if needed. Sometimes there is additional information.

Bottom line is this is what flags are for. Trust level is not locked and it takes work to keep the TL3 level and people may lose it if post quality is not up to standards.

Focus on sparking creative discussion, answering questions with facts, and asking for help if you need it.

We are all in this together.


That’s your opinion but that happened to me when I first joined and it’s happened to many, many people that I know on the IFC.


I would also like to note that a simple “like” does just as much as saying “I agree” over and over.


Here’s the thing; bottom line, essentially all of the regulars are helpful and are active, helpful members of the forum. Of course, there is the occasional unhelpful post but as @DeerCrusher said, flag it. It will be brought to the mods attention and dealt with.

In what way? As I said earlier, regulars are helpful and do their job. While I may sound biased because I am a regular, but still.

Honestly, I doubt this is the case. People don’t leave a community due to regulars coming in droves to help. If anything, new users who are trying to become TL3 can be the issue when it comes to lots of people helping out.

Can relate. And I feel it’s calmed down, a lot nowadays. Flags were a real treat back then.

I think I’m going to push my popcorn to the side for this topic. This could go south, and I don’t want to be part of it. I love a good debate, but not an argument. Luckily it is being moderated though :)

Goodnight folks, it’s 4am for me.

Also becuase the fact I feel proven wrong on half of my points. I won’t try to argue with a whole community. I’m actually happy in a way, becuase this is bringing out my pre-regular feelings. Stay safe ya’ll, I’m trying to type this in a happy way (becuase I’m not angry lol) and I’m actually feeling more positive as I type.