A message to pilots on TS1

Hello infinite flyers on TS1,I would like to point out something that has been making my job as an appr a little bit harder and annoying.So today I was Appr at LAX and before I say anything,I’d like to thank the pilots for not disobeying any of my vectoring and it was very nice to control and vector u guys.
Now back to the main topic.I want all pilots to take a look at flightaware or liveflight to see where the traffic is landing so u guys know which side of the runway to land .Its kinda a pain to redirect those pilots who are pretty close to the opposite side of the runway as I’d love to see vector them on Downwind ,base or If they are far out ,at least a good position.Ive seen many pilots not listen to me and continue to head towards inactive runways when that happens I have to vector u guys out so u guys land on the active side of the runway.When I do that I have to do more complex vectoring and it’s a pain to all pilots in the area,but I have to make eveything realistic:)
I’ve also noticed pilots landing in a runway that’s only used for departures so I urge everyone to check the runway details at your destination or ATIS if available.
If this a duplicate I deeply apologize.
But thanks for reading and I hope u guys take my information and apply it when flying with appr
Happy flying !

Here are some helpful links to know which runways are being used and where to go and appr and ATC procedures

EDIT I want to see who actaully looks up airport info when ther isn’t ATIS

  • Yes,I take a look at airport information from websites if no ATIS
  • No,I don’t look at airport info from websites if no ATIS
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Hello! Unfortunately regarding this matter, it’s harder to tackle this issue compared to in Expert. This is because most of TS pilots aren’t members in this community unfortunately. So you have a slim chance to ever meet those pilots around here


If its on Training, then you cant really do anything about it since there isnt ghosting on TS1. The pilots there normally will just land on the runway nearest to their direction of travel. If it happens again, just ignore it. If they want to land on the wrong end of the runway, let them and they can learn the hard way once they get to Expert.


Yeah I’ve definately noticed that but I threw it out because there are TS1 pilots in the community
EDIT this is not 100% directed to TS1 this is directed to those who need some info ,help ,mind refreshers

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I would prefer to not give the expert controllers a headache and actaully bang some knowledge into the newcomers
Ghosting is a last resort action that most controllers don’t want to use

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From what I’ve seen, most of our community pilots (Who are Grade 1 & 2) are generally better than most of the users in TS. Most of the time these trouble makers aren’t in the community though, even though raising this topic could help few “problematic” community pilots to learn (If they treat it seriously)


As a pilot prior to any of my flights on IF I always have a quick look at the real life airport charts as well as the flight aware or similar to see the real life traffic patterns and I try and replicate same in own flight planning.

It’s a real treat to meet ATC either on Expert or TS1 who have done the same rather than make up their own pattern.

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That’s great,realism is key! @David_Lockwood

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