A Message to Moderators

Attention, Moderators: You may be aware that people make duplicates of topics and that that causes problems with organization. However, I’ve noticed something, because you mods have also called me out on duplicates. Here’s my message:
Don’t be so rude about it.
When you do tell people what’s a duplicate, that’s all you say. “Duplicate” You coldly withdraw the post.
Do mods REALIZE that people don’t KNOW? That nobody’s perfect? You don’t have to be so cold about it when you tell people it’s a duplicate. Be nice. Trust me, it feels terrible. My posts have been withdrawn and I have been hurt. All i’m asking is to put aside the coldness of organization and rules and just have some feelings for once. God.


I think that the fact is that they are trying to moderate the forum as quickly and efficiently as possible. 99% of the time, somebody else has stated in the post first that it is a duplicate topic and pointed them into the right direction, and therefore, there is no need for the Mod to do a whole flowery la, de da post too!


I know that it’s frustrating to have a post closed, especially a feature request, even after you’ve searched and put effort into the post, but I assure you that the moderators aren’t trying to be rude. They have a ton of work managing this community, and they’re just trying to be efficient. That being said, you can always PM them to discuss any problems you have :)


I just don’t get what all the squabbling on the forum came from. And it only just started 2:00PM EST. Must be something in the air.


Are you seriously going to complain just like you did before?


Moderators are rude, that’s true, but they are keeping the community clean. I think they do a great job.[quote=“13yearoldpilot, post:1, topic:47336”]
Do mods REALIZE that people don’t KNOW? That nobody’s perfect?
I agree, nobody is perfect (me either), but there’s a cool tool called “Search”. If the people don’t use it, they shouldn’t claim after because their topic is unlisted and closed because of duplicate. Once I spent one hour to write a tutorial about how to record your screen on iOS. 10 minutes later, it was closed and merged in another topic too. I was angry against myself because I just spent a lot of time for nothing. I wasn’t angry against the mods because it was my error. [quote=“13yearoldpilot, post:1, topic:47336”]
just have some feelings for once
All moderators have feelings too by the way.
Thanks for reading,


Their is a bunch of active mods, and most of them are flying around on advance.

Yeah, and sometimes, they can get harsh with discipline as well. But that gives you no right to humiliate them to other community members, whatsoever!


Honestly. I’m logging out for a couple of hours. Some kind of virus just attacked everybody logged into this forum. All the hate escalated to 3 topics related to this were closed.


Well this is a flight simulator and everyone needs a break every once in while. You think just because we are IFATC we are only bound to controlling for you guys?.. Wrong! Just controlling on a great mobile sim like this is fun but sometimes controlling gets stressful or we get tired so nice little flight is relaxing.

Airport Editing don’t always have to edit airports and etc… Everyone on the community that commits to this community and simulator do it on their free time (and non of us get paid just to get it out of the way). We do it for the love of this sim and to make better


So your telling me, mods are getting paid while flying planes.

They should only get paid from the hours that actually work on

People make mistakes, and I’m sure mods know that. But keep in mind that they deal with duplicates all the time! It gets annoying after a while. Also, they’re not always cold. I’ve had a mod close another mods topic because mine (which was a duplicate) was more recent and gained more traction for that feature.

Overall, the moderating teams acts in what is appropriate and what is best for the community.

They don’t get paid but they fly because they’re testing updates :)


Mods don’t get paid

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You shouldn’t say what they should be paid for. You aren’t the one who worked on everything related to IF Within 5 years.


That’s a complete lie.

Some of it anyways

Boeing380, what are you saying?

No it’s not, I saw Matt and Tyler today at Brussles in 777s :)

Ok well when someone world for an office and they take a little 20 min break then they don’t get paid? No little things that are let go

Devs & Mods have differences