A message to IFATC controllers and fellow pilots

Hey all! This is a message for basically everyone who plays IF. Although I can’t control if you guys do this, if ATC isn’t active pilots, please check the airports irl ATIS and use the runways they are using irl. This helps us pilots who try to be realistic when flying. And now to IFATC. Please check the irl airport ATIS you are controlling and use those runways. It helps us pilots keep things realistic. Like I said above, I cannot control if you guys follow this or not. Me, and a lot of other pilots would really appreciate it if you take 30secs and check the irl airport ATIS. Thanks!


Hey! Usually IFATC controllers would use realistic operations at airports. But it usually depends on the situation. If you ever have an airport with different runways being used it can be due to winds and/or traffic levels etc.

This is the main thing I can explain, I hope this helps also have a good day 🙂


for runways its honestly according to the wind direction and stuff

A decent amount of people don’t know how to read ATIS as it can be quite confusing sometimes. However, it is nice when people do use the correct runway/runways.

There’s not really correct runways to use. Unless it’s an airport like Lukla.

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I have an app called “ATIS App” and you can check the departure runways and arrival runways pretty easily on there. It says departing runways ###, arrival runway ### and so on. Also another option is flightradar 24. See which runway planes are taking off, and see which runways planes are landing at.

Yes there is. Whichever runway they are using irl, is the correct runway.

Not really sir. I’m not trying to come in a bad way but just cause they are using it irl doesn’t mean if you use different it’s incorrect. Winds direction and levels can switch up what runways are being used a big amount; in real life and in the game.


But hey that’s just my input on it. I may be wrong hehe

I don’t want to come in, in a bad way either but, the correct runway is whichever RWY is active irl. Winds in IF and irl are almost on point so it shouldn’t be a factor. I could be wrong as well but that is my input as well. :)

Thanks for the feedback. Keep in mind that airports in real life often use flows that don’t favor the winds because it is near impossible to reconfigure during peak traffic. Our controllers often have the advantage of going in cold and being able to pick what’s best suited for the current conditions.

I get that it’s fun to mimic real life to the max extent possible and our controllers will always try to provide that experience.


Tyler’s message maybe will help you understand more clear. :)

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It does and I forgot to point out traffic. That is why LAX irl doesn’t switch to the other side RWY’s. They always use the 24’s and 25’s

To Tyler’s point here:

This is a more visual representation of why they don’t typically adjust Dep and Ariv Runways on ATIS freq. in real life. The team has a big upper hand since this is Infinite Flight, and not real life - traffic patterns are more flexible depending on the airport.

From personal experience, I have had to do it at JFK with my friend who was working Radar I believe while I was taking Local, and it’s just annoying - ATIS changes quite often in my opinion at KJFK specifically so it’s sort of inconvenient I bet in real life.

Whoever working radar at KJFK right now, good stuff. 🤘


Hi! Thanks for your input. I always try to put realism to the max extent when I control, but sometimes there’s a rare occasion where it’s impossible to do so. Sometimes IF gets crazy traffic that is very unrealistic compared to IRL, so we have to adjust to what works best with the traffic levels given. Thanks!


This correct runway is the runway that allows you to land into the wind.
The weather in Infinite Flight is taken from real life, yes, however there is a delay in the updates. Therefore, the winds in Infinite Flight will not always match the winds in real life. For this reason It is best to land on the runways that the wind favors in Infinite Flight rather than what is being used in Infinite Flight. This ruins the experience for other pilots at uncontrolled airports who are using the correct runway (into the wind) when there are users using the real life weather, which can differ tremendously from the in-game weather. Just be cautious of other users if you want to do this, please. This has happened to me far more times than I wish it would have.

Hello, Thanks for your input! I’ll give you my input as an IFATC controller. I understand the frustration where we do not follow the irl procedures or runway usage, but when I go through the ATIS, I always do what will be most efficient for me while following winds to give you the best takeoff circumstances. I will not do this unless I know for sure what the procedures are irl at airports like KLAX, KSAN, and sometimes KSFO.

Please let me know if this helps clear some things up!

May I also mention that not all airports have a D-ATIS or one that can be accessed online. Personally, I do my best to follow realistic procedures, but at the end of the day, you can’t do everything. This is why we have a DATIS in IF though!

but there are times where IRL atis will have the plane do a major crosswind landing or a 5kt tailwind

Well if IFATC is not following IRL ATC, I just put my iPad in airplane mode until I park then go back to online to sync with server for landing credit