A Message from the VA Community to the Infinite Flight Community

In March, GAT had over 70 active pilots. Guess what, that number is in the single digits now.


I honestly don’t know how a callsign like AAAAAAAA is considered “abusive” to others. Honestly, just deal with it.


long callsigns, childish callsigns, political callsigns etc.


To be honest with everyone I myself being in 11 VA’s and 2 VO’s. I respect the topic in what @JarrettFlies has written. I feel proud whenever i fly for any of 11 VA’s if fly for. Hats to Jarrett and all the VA/VO’s CEO and their staff members.
Also being a staff member at one of these VA’s is really hard work.


It can be very irritating to hear “Alpha” eight time non stop

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First of all, thank you for the feedback. We definitely expected some resistance (as with any change) but we do want to find the best solution moving forward.

One thing that we failed to communicate properly (I am taking the full blame on that one) is that this change is intended to be a first step into something more complete in a future update.

VA are important to us and we want to find a way to make it easier/better to operate VA in Infinite Flight. At the same time, VA are the #1 source of moderation issue we deal with on a daily basis which cost us time, money and a few hairs :)

That being said, we quickly re-brainstormed what could be done for 20.2 to mitigate the main issues that were brought up to us and here is what we came up with:

  • Virtual Organization will still be selected from your IFC profile for now. We intend to have it selectable in IF down the road but this is the way it needs to be for now
  • The VA designator (limited to 5 letters all caps) pulled from IFVARB approved VAs will show in brackets in front of your username in game (eg: [MYVA] philippe). It will not be part of your callsign to avoid spamming ATC frequencies and for realism purpose.
  • If your VA has a longer designator (> 5 letters), it will be truncated in game to the first 5 letters

We are well aware that this might not alleviate all your concerns but this is what we can do for now. We believe it solves the main issue we have seen so far which was to keep the visibility of VA in game.

Please note that this overrides any previous communication on the subject from our staff. This confusion is entirely my (and Laura’s) fault for not being clear on this complex issue.



That was just an example he gave. There are probably worse names that I can’t even name here.

IKR most callsigns I hear are Like TTTTTTTTT

You’re a controller, you should know how annoying those callsigns are. I’m completely onboard with the new GA callsign structure, love it in repect of that. But the VA matter…


So i kinda want the new callsign feature

That is why an idea like this one is so excellent. So we get rid of the horrible politicizing and keep the VA community alive!

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I think this is the wrong time to implement such a drastic change with what’s going on in the world IMO people are already stressed as it is & this change will damage many hard working individuals who have made their VA great to not be seen fully in the future. Why fix what’s not broken?


I appreciate that IF has taken the initiative to (try to) eradicate inappropriate callsigns. What happens is that little kids see those callsigns, ask their parents what they mean, and parents ask where they saw that, they mention infinite flight. But, at the same time, there has to be support for the VA’s. A VA section that one can only access if they have an IFC account, with IFVARB admins adding/editing VA’s on the list would be amazing.

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This isn’t what this topic is about. It’s about showing how much the VA community means and how much VA CEO’s and Staff put into making sure their VA’s are the best they can be.

Here’s my 2 cents: VAs should identify people based on IFC. I mean, it’s already the requirement for members to be on the IFC, so that would just require a table with callsigns and IFC. Fancy a VA/VO tag? Just change your VO tag for every flight. I mean, people in VAs spend tens of minutes choosing and planning their flight, might as well change an extra minute on the IFC. In my opinion, an option to change VO/VA affiliation from the app will be more than enough

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It’s actually not such a drastic change really its just a feature being updated unlike the Boeing 777-300(ER) that’s a bit of a big change not the callsigns

My Callsign is one letter longer does that mean i have to go with out? that one letter makes a very big difference in the meaning of my callsign.

A quick question about this. Is the designator based on what you currently have selected as your VA/VO on the IFC?

VA’s and VO’s right?

But what if that user isn’t flying for the VA? I’m a part of several VAs and I commonly fly those airline’s aircraft outside of the VA. It doesn’t work. It’d become a nightmare for VA staff.